You Must Look for the Good News

It’s the holiday season in the U.S. and many other nations (though different holidays and traditions, see my December Celebrations posts). If you are on Facebook or Twitter, you cannot help but feel overpowered with the negatives—racism, gender discrimination, hate crimes, and on and on. And all the while there are beautiful, creative, and giving people all around the world making a difference with their big hearts and ideas. But to find it, you must look for the good news.

Look for the good news--service members and residents picking up bags of trash on beach of Diego Garcia.
Service members and residents of Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory, clean up trash at Barton Point Sept. 14. More than 130 personnel attended the beach cleanup, assisting in the collection of 4,100 lbs. of trash. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Eric A. Pastor).

I am not saying we should ignore the problems in the world, nor am I saying we should only read the good news. Making either exclusive would be to our detriment. But the good news gets little notice. And that hurts us, too. It’s especially disturbing during the holidays.

It takes a little work to find the good news, because it lacks the sensationalism that gets clicks or sells papers. But it is well worth the time. 

Documenting History

These indigenous women are documenting and disseminating an endangered language, culture, and oral history. And they’re doing so in an environmentally friendly way. Read this article on Atlas Obscura

Homes for Homeless Veterans

Image of a row of tiny homes flying American flags.
Tiny Home community in Kansas City. Image courtesy of

The Right Step

You’re in the bottom of your league and win a game against one of the other teams in the bottom. A moment of victory, a cause for celebration, right? Well, these Israeli women on the Lacrosse Team decided there was an inequity they needed to right. A step they needed to take.

A Tradition Grew

And this woman turned a Thanksgiving tradition into a warm and wonderful way to reach out to U.S. military members far from home during the holidays: handwritten holiday cards.

Look for the Good News

In the U.S. December is when many news sources report a little of the good news. They do this to be in the “spirit of the season.” No matter what season it is where you are, if you look for the good news, you’ll find it all year long.  Two sources of “good news” I’ve found include the Good News Network and a print magazine called For. Do you have sources for good news? Won’t you share them here?

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