Revolutionary War Hero Margaret Corbin

It’s July and fitting that this month’s history posts be about Margaret Cochran Corbin, born November 12, 1751 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, A U.S. Revolutionary War Hero, Margaret Corbin was the first woman paid a soldier’s pension by the Continental Congress. Early Life Born to Robert Cochran, an Irish immigrant, and his wife Sarah, Margaret was orphaned at the age of five. While she and her brother were away from home, Native American’s raided her home. Her father died, and they kidnapped her mother. Her mother’s brother adopted her and her brother. Married Twenty-one-year-old Margaret married John Corbin from Virginia in 1772. Presumably they moved to Pennsylvania. The Revolutionary War Her husband joined the Pennsylvania Artillery in 1775 or 1776.  A matross, an artilleryman, John served on a cannon crew. Margaret, like many other wives at the time, became a camp follower. Camp followers cooked, cleaned and repaired clothes for the soldiers to earn money. They also cared for the sick and wounded. And camp followers brought the soldiers water to drink and to cool the cannons. The soldiers called these women, Molly Pitcher. John manned one of two cannons at Fort Washington on November 16, 1776, when George Washington […]

Would You Have Been the First?

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be the first at something? Standing up for what you believe no matter the ridicule or hatred can be scary. So intimidating that many of us either turn away or simply don’t see that opportunity when it arises. Women have stood up throughout history. They’ve taken walked a lonely path sometimes. A path sometimes strewn with ridicule, hate, imprisonment, and death. Fellow women, if you’d been alive in the 1600s would you have been the first to stand up and demand the right to vote? Who Was Margaret Brent? Thirty-seven-year-old Margaret Brent, her sister and two brothers arrived at St. Mary’s, Maryland on November 22, 1638. They came to the Colonies to improve their fortune since the family’s wealth all went to their elder brother, the firstborn son. A wealthy Catholic English family, the Brents had close ties with the Calverts, the proprietors of Maryland. Governor Calvert gave Margaret and each of her siblings a large land grant. The law allowed a single woman to own and manage property. She could make contracts and collect debts in a court of law. A married woman lost the power to make […]

May the Fourth Be With You

It’s May 4th and if you didn’t know, it’s the unofficial Star Wars holiday. Obviously, May the Fourth be with you is an interpretation of the Jedi slogan, May the Force be with You. But during this pandemic it has more meaning than ever. Star Wars may be escape fiction / movies, but that doesn’t negate the meanings within the story. Finding a purpose, friendship, banding together to overcome an adversary are themes in the Star Wars movies. The journey young Skywalker takes is about learning to be a hero. If you look, that’s what you see happening during this pandemic. What Is a Hero According to Merriam-Webster dictionary  a hero is:  a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities a person who is greatly admired the chief male character in a story, play, movie, etc. So a hero is someone you admire. You get to choose your heroes and heroines. Who Are the Heroes? First responders and healthcare workers (more than just doctors and nurses but aides and secretaries and housekeeping and food services for just a few) have had their day jobs transform into a mighty and heroic battle against a common enemy. Every […]