So Bad It’s Good

Some movies are so bad they just die on the screen.  There’s Golden Turkey’s awarded for the really bad movies.  But there are other movies that are so bad, or so campy, that they become fan favorites.

One of my favorites is a campy horror picture that became a hit with science fiction fans: The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  (Please note: It is an R rated film, though the youtube video I’ve included here only shows the cover of the album.)

I'm certain you have your campy or bad movie favorites.  Those you think are indulgent because they’re so bad.  I’d love to hear what some of your “bad movie” favorites are.

In my experience, books are not rated the same way.  Good books seem to get good press across a wide spectrum.  But Bad books?  People disagree widely on what makes a bad book and which ones are bad books.

If you read a bad book do you just throw it away and not think about it anymore?  Or are there bad books you love to re-read?  Those of you who are writers, do you keep a bad book on hand as inspiration (if this can get published, why not me)?

As always, I love to read your comments and I am ever so grateful that you’ve taken time to visit my blog.