A Sneak Peek for Your Entertainment

The COVID-19 virus is here in the world. All that will matter when this is over is how we behaved during this crisis. It’s time to circle our wagons and open our hearts. I’m offering a little diversion, a sneak peek for your entertainment.

My Hope For You

My husband and I have self-quarantined. It’s not a choice. He’s got many health issues that make him at very high risk should he contract COVID-19.

I hope that each of you have also self-quarantined, that you’re safe and healthy. That your loved ones and dear friends are safe and healthy. And I hope and pray that all of you stay that way. 

What I Can Do

I can’t do a grand gesture that will feed thousands or pay off someone else’s mortgage or any of those wonderful things so many warm-hearted people are doing right now. I can’t even do much in the way of small gestures. What I can do is share my stories. No, I can’t make them free…I do have to eat and keep a roof over our heads. But I can offer you a little diversion. A sneak peek for your entertainment. At least, I hope it’s entertaining.

Each Friday for the next six weeks or more. I’m going offer a bit of my WIP, If I Should Die.

Image of the Fellowship Shield from the sneak peek for your entertainment

My Work-in-Progress

If I Should Die

by Lynette M Burrows

Copyright 2020

Storm clouds blotted out the sunset and the last of the day’s light. But Miranda Clarke, captain of the Lady Angelfish aka Serenity, had a rendezvous to keep. She eased the throttled down a little more. Turned on the boat’s spotlight and illuminated the Missouri River’s dark waters. She ran the boat as close to the channel markers as she dared.

Then it appeared. Mile marker 35. Relief loosened the tension in her shoulders.

She grabbed the mike of the VHF radio. “Ladies, we just passed Mile Marker 35. We’re clear of St. Charles.”

“Read you five-by-five,” Wanda, her engineer and chef, answered. “I’ll clear the decks.”

Even on their private channel, they used code. Safer that way.

St. Charles, Missouri was a major Fellowship stronghold so they’d assumed their alternate personas. The Fellowship flag flew beneath the American one. On the table in the salon, a copy of a New Testament for Modern Times lay open to the Book of Samuel. Pictures of the Prophet Samuel hung in the salon and the Captain’s quarters. And anything that might identify them as SABR rebels hid in secret compartments.

Miranda replaced the mike. She longed for the day this ruse wouldn’t be necessary, but for now she focused on the river. She wanted this, their last refugee pick-up of the season, to go especially well.

Be-boop. Be-boop. The bleat of the two-toned alert from the VHF radio startled her.

“This is the U.S. Coast Guard. Serenity, heave to. Over.”

She sucked in a breath and tightened her grip on  the wheel. Crap. An over-the-shoulder glance took in the running lights outline of a USCG cutter two-or-three cable lengths behind them. It plowed the river between its overgrown banks, headed straight for them. Lousy timing. She wished she could tell David that their thirty minute ETA just became an hour or more….

My intention is to publish this novel late fall 2020. Watch my If I Should Die book page for updated information.

If you’d like a sneak peek at inspirations for this book visit Pinterest.

As always, my books are available on Amazon and all the online stores including Walmart. If you’ve already read my stories, consider buying a story by some friends of mine: William F Wu, Robert Chilson, Jan S Gephardt, G.S. Norwood, or Jenn Windrow. And if you don’t buy from them, buy from another author. Many authors don’t have pension or retirement funds or even health insurance. They depend upon readers to buy their books. And if you’ve read a book, take a moment to leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads or even a short “I liked it” post with a picture of you holding the book on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. 

The Plan Didn’t Quite Work

Welp, I made a video. I made lots of videos of me reading this chapter aloud. Unfortunately I’ve made about every mistake a beginner can make and the video was rejected by YouTube. I’ll work on this and hope I can produce a video soon.

The Next Sneak Peak for Your Entertainment

Stay tuned for next week’s episode. Hopefully, I’ve learned what not to do and next week my video will be accepted and posted at the regular time.

4/3/2020 Edited to add: I’ve finally been able to load the video. Chapter one read aloud. And you can read the beginnings of chapter two and chapter three.

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek for your entertainment. Please tell me how you’re managing the isolation in the comments below. And thank you so much for reading. 


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