Sneak Peek at If I Should Die, Part 2

It’s Friday. How have you been doing this week? How’s the working from home and the parents-as-teachers working for you. With all that’s going on in the world I’ve found it difficult to stay on task. How about you? That’s okay. Take a deep breath. Relax. It’s story time again. This is a sneak peak at If I Should Die, part 2.

Image of the red Fellowship Shield over a gray background to illustrate Sneak Peek at If I Should Die, Part 2.

A Work-in-Progress

If I Should Die follows Miranda and Beryl from My Soul to Keep. What you read here is a work-in-progress, meaning it’s an early draft. It has not had the final edits and polish that the published version will have. Some things may end up on the “editing floor” and not appear in the book at all. You never know. What follows is a portion of part 2. If you missed it, go back and read part 1.

If I Should Die

by Lynette M. Burrows


Irene Clarke Earnshaw took one more bite of the caramel cream. Sweet and light, it was the perfect finish to a perfect meal. She stole a look to her left. A thrill shivered through her. She couldn’t believe that she actually sat next to President Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. At the moment, he had her back to her, speaking to the Vice President’s wife seated on his left.

His words were unintelligible amidst the murmurs of eighty more people seated in the State Dining Room of the White House. In their dress uniforms and shiny suits or flowing evening dresses and gowns with lace and sashes and bows, the other guests sat at the long edges of the u-shaped table.

Her miracle-working, just-ordained husband, the Prophet Felix, sat kitty-corner across the table from her. He chatted with the wife of the Vice President’s, who sat to his left, and the Speaker’s wife on his right. They laughed politely at something he said.

Everyone who was anyone was here. From the President’s Cabinet members to military leaders to Senators and Representatives, they all came to officially welcome, the Prophet Felix, as the President’s number one advisor.

She fingered the gold-plated spoon that rested on her dessert plate, a gold-rimmed white china plate with its Blue Presidential Seal in the center. Determined to memorize every minute detail, she scanned the room again.

An official portrait of President Lincoln hung on a celadon green wall to her right. Stately gold, tabletop candelabras perched beside golden woven baskets of orange tiger lilies, red gerbera daisies and yellow sunflowers on a fine white linen tablecloth.

The sound of her name startled her.

“Sister Earnshaw, will you be staying for the entertainment this evening?” asked a man with green eyes and his light brown hair swept back from his forehead.

“Of course,” she answered. “And you?”

“Certainly. Perhaps then we’ll have time to talk. I could use your help with a special project.” He beamed a smile of perfect white teeth. He was a doctor of some importance, she recalled. A Doctor Galaway. With his thin lips and big chin, he looked like a college boy, not a scientist.

“A special project?” Irene didn’t know what else to say. They had given her lists of things the wife of the Prophet should and shouldn’t do. The list of shouldn’ts far exceeded the shoulds. Would this project be on one of those lists?

Image of the 2015 State Dining Room in the White House--a slightly different appearance than what is in this sneak peak of If I Should Die
2015 State Dining Room By The White HousePublic Domain

What Happened to the Video?

Unfortunately, I thought it would be easy. lol. As of this writing, I’ve still not figure out how to edit the video. I’ll keep working on it.

How You Can Help

Thank you for reading this Sneak Peek at If I Should Die, Part 2. I hope you enjoyed it. Please let me know what you enjoyed or not. I hope you will check back again next week for Part 3. And I pray that you and yours stay safe until then.


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