In the Air is a blog post about recent podcasts, livestreaming, and YouTube videos Lynette M Burrows enjoyed recently.

In the Air: livestreaming, podcasts, and YouTube

Livestreaming, podcasts, and videos on YouTube are an endless source of information, inspiration,  and a huge research rabbit hole. Listening or watching while involved in completing mindless household chores, makes my chores more pleasant. Here’s a tiny sample of what I found in the air this month. SFWA-#SpecWomenChat— Episode 2—available on YouTube A fascinating panel discussion of space opera featuring five women who work in the field of or read Speculative Fiction. Ann Leckie, Bonnie Milani, Khaalidah Muhammed-Ali, Chandra Trulove Fry, and Diane Morrison discuss space opera they’ve written, read, and watched. In their discussion, the scope of space opera ranges from hard science to fantasy. The setting involves anywhere other than Earth. And they felt that space opera is at least a journey away from Earth. Listen to their wide-ranging discussion on writing and reading space opera. The Mom Writes Podcast— Episode #35—on Itunes or the author accelerator website In this episode mom writers, Abby Mathews and Melanie Parrish, interview Author and Medium Roland Comtois. Comtois’s experiences as a nurse and personal experiences inform his views on grief and pain. His book, 16 Minutes…When One Breath Ends, Another Begins, chronicles his last moments with his mother before she died. This podcast […]

The CS Lewis way, original illustration of the hross from Out of a Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis,

You Might Be An Alien If–

You might be an Alien if . . . .  Your spaceship is double parked in the living room. You use more than 10% of your brain. You think books are made of paper. You think telephones are for talking. You think there is no intelligent life on this planet. You think being called ‘spacey’ is a compliment. Gravity is pulling you down. You know what a Fluvian Nurplex is. The words “fire your retro jets” doesn’t give you the giggles. You’ve ever pointed your finger at someone and gone ‘ak-ak-ak-ak’ You’ve ever told someone to ‘get offa my cloud.’ You’ve ever said ‘I have powers you can only dream of.’ You’ve ever said ‘I’m signaling my people.’ The term “Big Bang Theory” means something other than the title of a television show. You like jokes that start with You Might Be an Alien. Do you know what a Fluvian Nurplex is? Who said ‘Get offa my cloud?” If you have another You Might Be an Alien line, please join in the fun!  

What Does Reader Sarah Want?

Reader Interview: What Does Reader Sarah Want? (With a tip of the hat to the Inside the Actor’s Studio) First Name: Sarah Gender: F Age Range: 21-40 Occupation: peer tutor at the JCCC Writing Center What occupation (other than yours) would you like to try? Fiction and poetry writer What sound or noise do you love? Purring cat What sound or noise do you hate? Insistent meowing of cat wanting to go outside What is your favorite word? Bizarre Fiction or Nonfiction? Fiction Genre? Speculative fiction, but paranormal urban fantasy is a particular favorite. Ebook, audio book, or physical book? Physical book unless I can’t get it that way. What makes you choose a book to read? Author? Cover? Blurb? It has to look and sound entertaining. Being an author I’ve already read helps, but if the concept is intriguing that’ll do. Recommendation(s)? Laurell K Hamilton, Kim Harrison, Writing the Other by Nisi Shawl, Fast Girl by Suzy Favor Hamilton, Impossible Things by Connie Willis, Troublemaker by Leah Remini. What makes you put down a book? Boredom or slogging through a book like it’s a chore. What are you reading now? Just finished Dancing and Wounded by Laurell K. Hamilton, […]