It’s Reading Season!

Mea Culpa! I’ve been nose to the grindstone and completely forgot to double-check that Thursday’s post went out as scheduled. And I was caught! It wasn’t scheduled. Totally my fault, but I did meet my deadline for completing my final revision. Yay! And I’ve been preparing for Reading Season.  It’s time to start practicing. A new season of readings approaches rapidly. That means I need to find scenes or chapters from my work that are relatively self-contained and appropriate lengths (usually 20-30 minutes), then start practicing, so I can read smoothly and clearly, and also build up my voice so it will last 20-30 minutes. In addition to the conventions I’ll attend (I already know I’ll be scheduled for a full hour of reading at DemiCon 29, and I’ve requested to do readings at other conventions through the summer), I’ll also be participating in a panel discussion about writers’ groups, and doing a short reading at a meeting of the Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Society (KaCSFFS), April 21. That’s Saturday, April 21, 7:00 p.m., at The Writers Place, 3607 Pennsylvania Ave., Kansas City, MO 64111. At the KaCSFFS meeting, I’ll share the “reading chair” in the Library at The Writers Place with two friends who also are writers. Holly Messinger Holly Messinger One is Holly […]

Born storytellers. Lynette M Burrows discusses how storytelling helps and hurts us.

Born Storytellers

We are born storytellers. Have you ever told a ghost story? Or did you tell a lie to make certain you stayed out of trouble? Perhaps you told a friend or coworker about the terrible, horrible, no-good day you had? Maybe you shared a story about the joyful day when your son or daughter was born. Or you simply relive the day your parent, teacher, boss, or revered mentor did or said something you cherish. Yeah. Me, too. Storytellers do that. We use stories every single day. Generally, they are really short stories, unless you are the person who goes on and on and on and on. This inborn sense of the dramatic is part and parcel of who we are. We feel a compulsion—no, not to lie—to share our feelings. That’s what storytelling is all about. At least, compelling storytelling is. THE INVITATION This is why movies, novels, articles, artwork, photography, and songs are so important to us. They invite us to imagine ourselves in a different situation, or to remember a similar feeling, or to re-experience that feeling we want or need to re-live. THE EMOTION Why would we want to feel negative feelings of sadness again, you […]

What Reader Cindy Wants

Reader Questionnaire: What Reader Cindy Wants (With a tip of the hat to the Inside the Actor’s Studio) First Name: Cindy Gender: Female Age Range:  61+ Occupation: Teacher/Reading Specialist (retired from full time; have tutoring business) What occupation (other than yours) would you like to try?  Vet tech – something where I could work with animals What sound or noise do you love?  The sound of a Native American flute across the canyons in Arizona What sound or noise do you hate?  Voices filled with hatred, people yelling at each other What is your favorite word?  Jesus Fiction or Nonfiction? I like and read both…If I have to choose, I might lean toward fiction. Genre? Historical fiction. (for nonfiction, spiritual writing) Ebook, audio book, or physical book?  Physical book! What makes you choose a book to read? Author? Cover? Blurb? I consider all of these. I’m a reading teacher with pre-reading skills. Lol. (Again, if forced to choose, I’d go with blurb.) What makes you put down a book?  graphic violence, glorification of what I believe to be lack of morality What are you reading now? The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel Do you re-read books? If it’s been a […]