What Reader Cindy Wants

Reader Questionnaire: What Reader Cindy Wants (With a tip of the hat to the Inside the Actor’s Studio) First Name: Cindy Gender: Female Age Range:  61+ Occupation: Teacher/Reading Specialist (retired from full time; have tutoring business) What occupation (other than yours) would you like to try?  Vet tech – something where I could work with animals What sound or noise do you love?  The sound of a Native American flute across the canyons in Arizona What […]

Reader’s Corner

Today I’m starting a new series, Reader’s Corner, that I hope will be entertaining and informative. I’ve created a questionnaire for readers to complete and will post the results here. Which readers? Anyone who enjoys reading . Doesn’t matter whether you read, fiction, nonfiction, comics, or graphic novels–it all qualifies. If you read, I’d love for you to participate. See the downloadable form and instructions below. So on with the Interview. I’m pleased to introduce […]

Going to Mars Word-by-Word: the Landis Way

The next stop in our Going to Mars Word-by-Word tour is Mars Crossing by Geoffrey Landis. Published by Tor Books in 2000, this is the first novel by an experienced and award-winning short story author. It won a nomination for a Nebula and won the Locus Award for best first novel in 2001.  Hop aboard for a gritty, near-future science fiction tale of the exploration of Mars the Landis way.   WHAT IT’S ABOUT By […]