Expect To Have Hope Rekindled

Expect to have hope rekindled is a wonderful attitude to have.

And Sarah Ban Breathnach is right about the spring rains. They do come, in time. It’s not easy to wait for the dry season or life’s difficulties to pass. Nor is it easy to hang onto hope when a dry season lasts and lasts.

There are lots of sayings about hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. That’s not bad advice, but in preparing for the worst we sometimes get too focused on the bad outcomes and forget the hope part.

Hope is a wondrous thing. It powers the athletes who work to win the race or the game or go to the Olympics. It motivates the singer, songwriter, poet, and all creators when they struggle to put their ideas into their chosen art form. It’s what you whisper when you hope that special project pleases the boss or that that special person you met finds you special, too.

When life beats us down despair can drown out hope. So, practice hope. Small hopes or big ones, And perhaps you’ll find that when you expect that hope will be rekindled, hope is rekindled.

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