Motivational Quote from a Trumpet Player

Today, I’m sharing a motivational quote from a trumpet player, W.C. Handy.

Motivational Quote from a trumpet player, WC Handy

W.C. Handy (1873-1959), an African-American composer and musician, popularized blues music in the early 20th century. He was the son of a minister who did not approve of his son becoming a secular musician. Yet, Handy persisted.

Sometimes he worked a day job but he always pursued his music. Ultimately his music has persisted. You might recognize one of his more enduring compositions, St. Louis Blues.

The recording is old, the sound quality not great, but it’s a tune many other artists have played.

No matter what your dream is. No matter how difficult you think it might be to pursue that dream. Dreams are worth pursuing.

Hard work when you are doing something you love, isn’t work at all. Doing something you love makes the everyday grind more endurable. More enjoyable.


When the grind gets tough, look for motivation. Keep a notebook.

In your notebook keep a list of motivational quotes from personalities like Handy, but from your own work, too. Record your favorite reader comments,  teacher/mentor compliments, and your five-minutes-of-fame clippings in your notebook. When you feel the grind wearing you down, pull out your notebook.


Pursue your dream. Even if you can only work on it five minutes a week. You will be a happier person. Your significant other might like you better. *grin* And you’ll be taking steps toward living a life you love.

Don’t have time? Look to the internet for ways to track your time and figure out what you must do to make time.


Find a way. The internet is full of how-to videos and instructive blogs. Don’t have regular access to the internet? Go to the closest public library. The librarians there can probably help you find the information you need in real books or on the internet. I’ll bet she can help you find motivational quotes, too. *wink-wink*


Life is hard enough without depriving yourself of what makes it worth getting out of bed. Take inspiration from the trumpet player. Put something into it.

What is your dream? What do you need to make it happen? Perhaps one of my readers can help you.

If you are already pursuing your dream, how has the pursuit changed your life?


  1. Never heard of WC Handy, but that is a great quote.

    Good ideas on the motivation notebook and tracking time, too. I did the time tracking exercise a couple weeks ago, and it was, shall we say, very illuminating (and not in a good way LOL).

    1. Thanks, Jennette. Yeah, that time tracking thing can be humbling. I’m improving and it’s showing in what I’m able to accomplish. I have a long way to go before I can relax about time. I seem to be able to find all kinds of things to fill time with. lol

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