If You Dream It . . . You Can Do It.

Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t shy away because it’s hard work. If it’s a dream you have, a dream of how you’d like to be or live. You can do it.
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Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t shy away because it’s hard work. If it’s a dream you have, a dream of how you’d like to be or live.If you dream it, you can do it.

I’m not talking about the dream you had while sleeping. Those dreams are your subconscious fears and perhaps desires. They may be important for you to examine and understand, but that’s not the dream I mean.

I’m talking about the dream that tugs at your heart. The one that makes you sigh and wish that you could do, then you remind yourself that you have responsibilities, or that you’re simply not good enough, or you’re too old.

You probably do have responsibilities. I’m not saying you should abandon them. Figure out how to work on your dream despite your responsibilities. You can do it.

You may not be good enough—yet. Learn how to get better. You can do it.

You’re only too old if you give up. Don’t give up. You can do it.

You must be willing to work hard for that dream. Hard work and perhaps sacrifice may be necessary. You may sacrifice an hour or two of sleep so you can study for the degree you want. Or, you may sacrifice by not buying that new dress, or car, or house. Only you will know what you can get by without. Only you will be able to decide your dream is worth the sacrifice. It’s not easy. But you can do it.

Maybe you’ll decide you don’t want to work that hard for that dream. Then, pick up the next dream you have. Is that the one? The one that you want so bad that you’ll work the extra hours, you’ll skip the daily macchiato, you’ll take that class?

Dreams that tug at your heart. Dreams that fulfill you. Shouldn’t be put off any longer than you absolutely have to. Even if you never quite make the dream come-to-fruition, life will be much sweeter because you know you aren’t giving up on yourself. Life is short. Life is hard. Don’t let life cheat you. Don’t let life defeat you.

Dream Fearlessly

If you dream it . . . you CAN do it. What’s your dream? What one thing will you do today to move closer to that dream?


  1. My struggle is not having the time and energy for my writing. I work full time, and tonight will be busy, as I have to do bookkeeping for our family business. But you’re right – even if it’s just fifteen minutes, I can make a little time for my writing. Thanks!

    1. It is a struggle, Jennette. Working full time is draining. I did it for years and my progress during that time was slower than an inchworm. I know you use goals and are serious about meeting them. Make your goals realistic. If you can’t write except on weekends, or if you can only get a total of an hour a week, do that. Small steps are okay. Just keep your end goal in mind.

  2. “Life is short. Life is hard. Don’t let life cheat you. Don’t let life defeat you.”

    So true Lynette!! And what a great post. You are a great source of motivation! Dream. Hmm. Maybe that is my underlying problem. I’m not dreaming! Or perhaps I should say, I’m not dreaming enough. It’s not that I give up. Giving up is not in my DNA. No, in fact, I am very persistent. But I will admit that I’ve become discouraged lately. Mostly because I’ve been sick with Lyme. And that sucker has kicked my butt. I have zero energy. If I do have a spurt, there is only a finite amount of energy I have to spend, so I’ve got to be wise as to how or what I spend that energy on. Thus, no writing. Yep, you read that right. Yet, I look at it as temporary. Between my hubby’s back issues and now my health, I’ve had to accept the circumstances and make the best of the situation. This too shall pass. And when it does, I’ll get back at it. In the meantime, I will keep dreaming! Take care Lynette! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Karen, for your kind words. Do take care of yourself. You can’t dream life dreams when you’re ill. But, even if you only spend 10 minutes a week writing, you’re working toward your dream, my friend. Slow and steady can get there, too!

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