Unimpressed to Loving the Blue Ridge Mountains

A soft blue haze enveloped the first mountains I ever saw. They didn’t impress me much. In the distance, they looked like rolling hills. Then came the drive up the mountains, through the mountains, and along the ridge. Each curve, dip, and climb yielded breath-taking vistas of forested mountains, bald knobs, and valleys swathed in the blue haze. I was in grade school during that first trip. I went from unimpressed to loving the Blue Ridge Mountains and that mysterious blue haze. I made many trips to the area as a child. I no longer recall all the details, when and exactly where, but there are moments etched in my memory. Memorable moments include a walk to a gorgeous waterfall, a climb to a rocky knob, and the larger-than-my-sister bear cub that sat three feet behind my little sister who played on the picnic table in the next camping site. Little did I know then that these mountains would become the backdrop and setting for the world of My Soul to Keep. They are integral to the story of Fellowship. World’s Second Oldest The Blue Ridge Mountains formed about 1.1 billion to 250 million years ago. South Africa’s Barberton greenstone […]

Deadlines and Deadly Angels

My Soul to Keep will be out in a little less than two months. I’m dealing with tight deadlines and deadly angels. So I’m sharing an illustration drawn by my husband. One of the Angels of Death, Azrael, who stalks the land. Azrael is counting down to her transition. Me? While I’m counting down to my deadline, why don’t you visit one of my sneak peeks into the world of My Soul to Keep? 9 Things Rarely Seen Today (Except in my Novel) When is a Clone Not a Clone Book Cover Reveal: My Soul to Keep I hope you enjoyed these sneak peeks at My Soul to Keep. Stay tuned for more sneak peeks in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, I’ll continue to juggle deadlines and deadly angels.