Score Your Reading Super Powers

As readers, you have super powers. You have a large vocabulary and a diverse knowledge of random facts. Readers like you can talk about a wide range of topics, some nerdier than others. And because you read a lot, you’ve developed specialized talents. How many do you have? Score your reading super powers with this fun quiz. The Reading Super Powers Quiz Give you 1 point for each one of these you do. You have reading super powers if you… Read for Fun. Read for Information. See the story unfolding like a movie in your head. Hear the story characters speaking. Create a mental soundtrack to the books you read. Remember titles, authors, and characters. Talk about books you’ve read. Read super fast and can still retell intricate details of the plot. Are a super slow reader and savor every word. Ignore everyone and everything else while reading. Figure out Who Dun It in the first couple of chapters. Remember bits of text, word-for-word, long after you’ve finished the book. Can read a book without cracking its spine. Read multiple books at a time. Read a favorite book more than five times. Remember where you left off in a book […]