Score Your Reading Super Powers

As readers, you have super powers. You have a large vocabulary and a diverse knowledge of random facts. Readers like you can talk about a wide range of topics, some nerdier than others. And because you read a lot, you’ve developed specialized talents. How many do you have? Score your reading super powers with this fun quiz.

Colorful cartoon image of a girl dressed as wonder woman and holding a stack of books. Score your reading super powers and see if you're wonder woman too.

The Reading Super Powers Quiz

Give you 1 point for each one of these you do.

You have reading super powers if you…

  1. Read for Fun.
  2. Read for Information.
  3. See the story unfolding like a movie in your head.
  4. Hear the story characters speaking.
  5. Create a mental soundtrack to the books you read.
  6. Remember titles, authors, and characters.
  7. Talk about books you’ve read.
  8. Read super fast and can still retell intricate details of the plot.
  9. Are a super slow reader and savor every word.
  10. Ignore everyone and everything else while reading.
  11. Figure out Who Dun It in the first couple of chapters.
  12. Remember bits of text, word-for-word, long after you’ve finished the book.
  13. Can read a book without cracking its spine.
  14. Read multiple books at a time.
  15. Read a favorite book more than five times.
  16. Remember where you left off in a book even weeks later.
  17. Know where every book in your personal library is.
  18. Read a book 
    • While in a large body of water (lake, river, ocean),
    • On a train.
    • While walking and not fall or run into something.
    • On a plane.
    • While knitting or hand sewing.
    • Read a book in a car.
    • On a boat or ship.
    • While horseback riding.
  19. Have a collection of favorite bookmarks.
  20. Visit a bookstore or library at least once a week.
  21. Know words you cannot pronounce because you’ve read them.
  22. Have at least one reading nook in your home.
  23. Wear bookish clothing (book quotes, book covers, etc.) 
Cartoon style Mulan-type of character standing with her arms crossed.


Give yourself an extra point if you can quote the first line of two of your favorite books.

You’ll earn two extra points if you memorized the Dewey Decimal System.

And give yourself three extra points if you regularly read the First Lines posts on this blog each month.

Interpreting Your Scores

There’s a possible thirty points, thirty-six if you get the bonus points. What’s your super power level?

  • 0-5 Buttercup Power Puff Girl
  • 5-10 Elastigirl
  • 10-15 Supergirl
  • 15-20 General Okoye of the Dora Milaje (Wakanda) Witnessing
  • 20-25 Dr. Who
  • 25+ Wonder Woman

What are Your Reading Super Powers?

I’m proud to be a General Okay. And I’m certain there are talents out there that I don’t know about. Comment below and tell me what your reading super powers score is. Add a particular skill in the comments and I’ll reply and tell you how many extra points you earn. 

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