What’s Your Reading Style

You already know that reading is good for your brain. You love to read. Whether you read fantasy or hard science fiction or horror or any other genre, you have a reading style. There are all kinds of way to define a reader’s style. Today we’re asking you a question: What’s your reading style? There are twelve possible styles in this post to inspire you when you describe your style.

Read aloud 

One reading style illustrated in this photo is a from the feet-up angle of a parent and child holding a Mother Goose book while sitting in a papa-san chair near a full bookshelf-what's your reading style?

Reading aloud is something you do if you’ve had children, babysat children, or are a grandmother. But sometimes the sound of the words fill you and spill out of your lips. Do you read aloud to yourself? Or to someone else?

Reading in Your Head

a man sitting in a window and reading

Most adults don’t read aloud. It’s awkward on a bus or a plane. Do you only read in your head? 

Reading through Audio Books

a man wearing headphones listening with his eyes closed

Some people claim it isn’t reading if you’re listening to an audio book. A book on audio can entertain, ignite imagination, and make you think. Isn’t that what reading does? (And it’s much safer to listen than read while in motion!)

Some people read along with the audio book.

a woman seated cross-legged reading a book while wearing headphones

Do you listen to audio books? So you like to read along with the audio?

Sitting and Reading 

A girl sitting against a tree and reading

There isn’t a plain way to sit and read. Sitting places and sitting style vary almost as much as reading styles. Scan the other pictures in this post and you’ll see a few different sitting and reading styles.

Reclining and Reading

a woman  reading while laying down with her head at the foot of the bed and her feet up on her pillows and headboard

Perhaps you prefer to recline when you read. Do you recline in bed, in a special chair, or a hammock?

Reading in Motion

Confess, have you been reading and bumped into some immovable object? Do you read on a treadmill or other motion machine? 

Reading and Eating

A woman seated on a bed under an attic window reading and drinking hot tea

Are you opposed to having any food or drink near your books? Or do you indulge in a snack or even a meal while reading?

Indoor Reader

Indoor reading can happen in almost any building or any room. What’s the most unusual place where you’ve been reading?

A woman taking a bubble bath while reading

Outdoor Reader (outdoor)

a young man reading under a tree

Does being outdoors enhance your reading pleasure? Or is that a big no for you?

Secret Reader

child reading by flashlight under the covers

Sometimes you might be a secret reader. Did you ever read by flashlight as a child? Do you do that as an adult?

Reading Day or Time

a woman sitting in bed, reading bedtime stories to her children

Perhaps you have set aside a specific day or time for reading? Are you a scheduled reader?

Reading Places

Some of you are lucky enough to have a dedicated reading spot. The choices of where to read are endless. Reading nooks, reading rooms, coffee shops, libraries, bedrooms, or on the floor, where do you read?

What's your reading style? Is it like this reading nook-a small recess in the wall with a bench and some pillows?
What's your reading style? Is it like this reading nook which is an old style library with bookshelves, wood paneling, and button tufted leather armchairs.

My Reading Style

I think I may have mentioned once or twice that I need more time for reading. An eighth day of the week would work. Since I don’t have that, I don’t read at a specific day or time or place.

Typically, I sit with my feet up and read. I might have coffee or a soft drink and some pretzels or popcorn on hand. If the book captures me, I forget the food and drink exist. And, yes. I read under the covers by flashlight as a child. Not so much today as I usually work or read until I’m too tired to stay awake. 

I wish I had a reading nook. Some of them look inviting. But for now, I read in my comfortable living room or at my desk in my office.

What’s Your Reading Style?

Now, dear reader, it’s your turn. What’s your reading style? Please share your favorite reading habits in the comments below.

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