Your Gift Could Save a Life or Find a Cure

Finishing my Best Gifts posts, this charity is no surprise: The American Diabetes Association. Readers of this blog know that my niece and my husband are diabetics. Giving to the American Diabetes Association and their research partner, the American Diabetes Association Research Foundation are on my list. Your gift pays forward to the newly diagnosed, those struggling with the disease, and medical personnel who treat the disease. Your donations could save a life or help find the cure for diabetes.

Your Best Gift could save a life or cure diabetes. Here's why you should give to the American Diabetes Association.History

Founded in 1940 by twenty-six physicians, the Association was strictly for medical professionals. Their purpose was to address the increasing incidence of diabetes and the complications that arise from the disease. Membership was $2.00 per year.

The first annual meeting of the Association occurred on June 1, 1941. The keynote address was given by the co-discoverer of how to use insulin in treating diabetes, Charles Best. (English physiologist Sir Edward Albert Sharpey-Schafer discovered insulin in 1910. In 1921 Doctors Best and Fredrick Banting discovered how to extract insulin and began testing how to use it.)

Continuing research developed new forms of monitoring and testing and treating diabetes.

The Association brought in local affiliate associations and began to publish periodicals. In 1949 they held the first camp for children with diabetes.

In 1970 they reorganized into a voluntary association, for both lay and professional members, led by a Board of Directors.

The history of learning to treat diabetes and the Association’s involvement is long and very detailed. If you wish to learn more check out their timeline

What They Do

They provide local education, awareness, and camps for children across the nation.

The Association has printed educational materials for lay people and for medical professionals. These education materials include information about the various forms of the disease, about treatment options, about diet and exercise, and about living with diabetes (what to do if you’re sick among other situations).

The Association has a large advocacy program. They advocate for research, for access to care for diabetics, and for diabetic education at the community, state, and national level. The Association also has a legal advocacy program to assist diabetics who face discrimination in the workplace.

How to Give

Monetary donations can be one time, monthly, in memory of someone or in honor of someone. 

If you have diabetes, you, your family, friends, and caregivers can become a member of the Association

Consider donating your car, truck, boat, or RV. 

You can take part in one of the fundraising events put on by the Association.

Buy products from one of the national sponsors of the American Diabetes Association: Performance Bicycle, Catherines, Amazon Smile, Hilton HHonors, Survey Monkey, and Primal Wear. Learn more here.

Ask your workplace to sponsor a donation drive or a matching funds drive. 

You can create your own fundraiser event. 

And you can shop from the American Diabetes Association online store. 

Or, you can spread the word about their good deeds.

What Will You Give?

It’s a time of year when your donations can help save a life or find a cure. There are many medical charities out there that are worthy of your gift. But gifts given to the American Diabetes Association have a special place in my heart. Do you donate to or volunteer for medical charities or causes in December? Which ones? Is there one you support all year long?

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