Are You A Supreme Reading Wizard?

They say reading is magical. Do you agree? If you do, do you know your magical reading rank? No? Keep reading. Test your knowledge of bookish vocabulary, then rate yourself and find out if you are a supreme reading wizard.

Image of a Harry Potter look-alike standing front of a bookcase filled with books. He's wearing his robe and a COVID mask and pointing his wand at you asking if you are a reading wizard.

Bookish Vocabulary

Hopefully, you’ve not had an encounter with a bilbliokleptomaniac, one who has an uncontrollable impulse to steal books.

You are a book lover, so you are probably familiar with the word bibliophile.

It’s possible you are bibliocentric (place great or central importance on printed text.)

If you are a dealer who specializes in rare or curious books, you are a bibliopole.

Do you have a comprehensive knowledge of books and bibliography? Then you are a bibliognost.

A bibliomaniac is a person with an extreme preoccupation with collecting books. You may not have read them, but you have to walk around them.

Are you a librocubicultarist? It’s not a word, but it should be. They form the word from the Latin words for “book” and “sleeping chamber” so it’s a term for people who read in bed. Or it will be. Someday.

If your goal is to be an omnilegent, “reading or having read everything,” you have a very worthy goal and a big job ahead of you.

Image of a female reading wizard or sorceress sitting in the forest. Her head is raised to the sky as if she's laughing and she has a book in one hand and flaming sticks in the other.

What Level of Reading Wizard Are You?

Give yourself one point for each activity you have done. Add up your total points and discover your reading wizard rank below.

You Have

  1. Refused to be friends with someone who doesn’t like your favorite book.
  2. More books in your home than you can read in your lifetime.
  3. Several versions of the same book.
  4. Not enough bookshelf space for all your books.
  5. Enjoyed sniffing books.
  6. Never cracked the spine of a book.
  7. Spent hours in a bookstore.
  8. Missed a conversation/question because of reading.
  9. Hoarded bookmarks that won’t mark your book.
  10. Kept a spreadsheet of every book you own sortable by author, copyright date, print run, and condition.
  11. Recorded the names of people who borrow your books.
  12. Never allowed anyone to borrow your books.
  13. Worn gloves to protect your books.
  14. Held a book funeral for an often read, much loved book that is falling apart.
  15. Stayed up too late/all night to finish a book.
  16. Spent more money on books than food or clothes.
  17. A dedicated room (library) for all the books.
  18. Read more than one book at a time.
  19. Talked about fictional characters as if they were real.
  20. Refused to watch the movie adaptation of the book.
  21. Watched movie adaptations of a book and listed all the ways the movie got it wrong.
  22. Cursed people who write in book margins.
  23. Canceled a planned outing because you hadn’t finished a book.
  24. Had at least one book on your TBR list for more than a dozen years.
  25. Go nowhere without at least one book.
  26. A sleepless night if you don’t read in bed first.
  27. A stack of books you must walk around to move from one place to another in your home.
  28. At least one box of books in your car because you ran out of shelf space.
  29. Carefully peeled price labels off of any physical book you bought.
  30. Written an author to ask when the next book is coming out.
  31. Written more than 3 book reviews.
  32. Reached the end of your TBR list/pile.
  33. Only read physical books.
  34. Read more than a book a week.
  35. A habit of reading both fiction and nonfiction.
  36. Read 4,000 pages (1 million words) this year.

How Did You Rank?

1-6 points Apprentice Reading Wizard

7-12 points Journeyman Reading Wizard

13-19 points Great Reading Wizard

20-26 points Master Reading Wizard

27-30 points Grand Reading Wizard

31-36 points Supreme Reading Wizard

So, how obsessed with reading are you? What’s your reading wizard rank? Did you reach Supreme Reading Wizard? If you enjoyed this post, you might also enjoy “Score Your Reading Super Powers.”

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