Are You A Supreme Reading Wizard?

They say reading is magical. Do you agree? If you do, do you know your magical reading rank? No? Keep reading. Test your knowledge of bookish vocabulary, then rate yourself and find out if you are a supreme reading wizard. Bookish Vocabulary Hopefully, you’ve not had an encounter with a bilbliokleptomaniac, one who has an uncontrollable impulse to steal books. You are a book lover, so you are probably familiar with the word bibliophile. It’s possible you are bibliocentric (place great or central importance on printed text.) If you are a dealer who specializes in rare or curious books, you are a bibliopole. Do you have a comprehensive knowledge of books and bibliography? Then you are a bibliognost. A bibliomaniac is a person with an extreme preoccupation with collecting books. You may not have read them, but you have to walk around them. Are you a librocubicultarist? It’s not a word, but it should be. They form the word from the Latin words for “book” and “sleeping chamber” so it’s a term for people who read in bed. Or it will be. Someday. If your goal is to be an omnilegent, “reading or having read everything,” you have a very […]