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First Lines is a series of blog articles posted on around the first of the month. The first line of a story, we’re told, must hook the reader. Implied is that the reader will not buy the book if the first line isn’t great. These entries are from Amazon, my personal library, or other online booksellers. Each of these quotes are from SF Adventure novels written by women. Do these first lines hook you enough to make you want to read more? Enough to make you buy the book?

Cover of Killing Dragons is an underwater shot of a large sea creature with a long narrow mouth with sharp teeth about to take a bite of a dolphin

Every moment counts, and I’m running out of time.

Eva woke up late, the hazy sunlight streaming through her window. It had stormed the night before, and she hadn’t slept well. She’d have to hurry to get to work with her Dolphins.

Killing Dragons, Order of the Dolphin Book 1, Kristie Clark

The cover of The Cold Light of Stars by Rysa Walker has an Orange and black planet in the bottom of the foreground, behind it the vague head and shoulder of a person seems to fade into the starfield.

The greatest tests of character come when a choice must be made, even though all of your options are bad. One of our philosophers wrote that, although I can’t for the life of me remember which one. I think it’s true, though. How do you come to a decision in that situation?

The Cold Light of Stars, The Icarus Code, Book 1, Rysa Walker

Cover of Forever People by Alison Lyke has a blue metalic background of a tiled hallway and in the center of it a white oval bordered in a light blue  The oval has wavy tendrils reaching into the white, in the center a female figure is stepping toward the camera

Camille had three kinds of clients: those who were trying to extract funds or rare items from someone else before they died, those looking to find a loved one before they died, and regulars, with a myriad of shady reasons for needing repeated, illegal services.

Barrett was Camille’s favorite type of the three.

Forever People, Allison Luka

Cover of the Fire of the Dark Triad by Asya Semenovich features a silver pyrimid type structure in the center with a sun burst near the top against a dark backgroun


A small mouse, like Animal, was stuck on an outcrop of boulders in the middle of a fast torrent. Let’s call it Fitzy. It was one of the first mammals on earth, and it lived on a lush grassy field at the foot of a large dormant volcano. The ground had been shaking under Fitzy’s feet for its entire lifetime, so Fitzy more or less ignored earthquakes.

But this morning, particularly strong shock had triggered a landslide, which changed the route of a nearby stream and flooded the meadow that Fitzy called home.

Fire of the Dark Triad, Asya Semenovich

Cover of ReInception by Sarena Straus is an upward shot of a woman sitting in a chair with her head "haloed" by rings of light going from white to blue to teal to white, then blue and silver with lightening like rays radiating from her head or the center circle

Taking her index finger out of her mouth, Leandra looked at the nail. She’d gnawed down to the quick. She could get rid of the habit. In under an hour, she could “change her mind with ReInception,” just like the ads said.

It was her 20th birthday, after all – the day, she could modify without parental consent.

ReInception, Serena Straus 

Cover of I will find you by Julia Salvador is blue toned image of a man staring into the camera and behind him a woman in white walking away through forest of bare trees

Where are you?

That questions stuck, lingering in my head, always shadowing my thoughts. I’m terrified. I’ll breathe my last without ever knowing your whereabouts.

I know that’s coming. It’s just a matter of when. Here, in this dank, suffocating basement, the hope of seeing you again offers a flicker of comfort. I want to believe we’ll meet again somewhere beyond this life.

I Will Find You, Julia Salvador

Cover of Leaning on Water shows a woman standing 3/4 turn away from us, looking at a city scape and above it a star field. A badge on the book reveals it's an NIEA winner

The morning air feels good against my face as my legs beat hard against the dirt path up to Guilan’s Peak. My thighs are starting to complain, but just a little farther, and I’m almost at the top. It will be worth it, I tell myself.

It has been two weeks since the last Quadrati breach, and things around the galactic campus have finally started to settle down. This last attack by those metal droids, we were lucky.

Leaning on Water Joan June Chen

Cover of Fellowship by Lynette M Burrows has a dark brown background with a male silhouette running toward us, behind him is a yellow 2 d graphic representation of a church steeple which is over a medium brown shield


One word and Ian Hobart’s world teetered into not safe. The reporters’ voices fell, the remainder of their conversation now muted by the clack and ratchet and ding of their typewriters.

Ian plastered a smile on his face and plopped back into his seat on the copyboy bench. The relentless thump and clatter heartbeat of the presses in the basement vibrated the floor, his shoes, his bones as if in warning.”

Fellowship,, companion novel to the Fellowship Dystopia Series, Lynette M. Burrows.


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