Images from the My Soul to Keep Series

Images from My Soul to Keep, my alternate history dystopian novel, represent various bits of research. Enjoy the images or follow the links to learn more.

Concept Art

For your viewing pleasure these are concept art pieces my husband, Robert W. Burrows, created to inspire me as I wrote My Soul to Keep. (Yes, he’s a keeper!)

In an early draft, I described the Fellowship symbol. He used that description to create the image below.

The Fellowship Shield

The Azrael wear body armor, communications gear, and an assortment of weapons.

Image © 2008 Robert W. Burrows
Copyright Robert W. Burrows ©2005
Copyright Robert W. Burrows ©2005

The Clothes

Images of clothing that appears in the novel.


Images from My Soul to Keep include vehicles used in the story.

The Doll

Finding this doll on the web inspired me to include it in the story. Read more about that here.

If she loves a rag doll, is she still evil. The answer is yes, read why

Developing the Cover

Searching for a cover designer was scary and fun at the same time. Here’s an article about how I chose my cover artist.

© 2018 by Elizabeth Leggett, posted with permission
Possible Cover for My Soul to Keep by Lynette M. Burrows. Illustration by Elizabeth Leggett. Read How I Found My Cover Artist for more information.
©2018 Elizabeth Leggett, posted with permission
The Cover

Book In Hand

How I found the right editor for my novel, My Soul to Keep

There is nothing so thrilling as holding your book in your hands. Except selling your book…and getting great reviews…and writing the next one…and…having great readers.

Want to see more? Take a look at my Pinterest Inspiration board.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these images from My Soul to Keep. Have you read the first book? It’s available on Amazon and other online booksellers. The second book, If I Should Die, is in progress. Fellowship, a book in the same world, is coming summer of 2019.

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