Sneak Peek at If I Should Die

It’s Friday. How have you been doing this week? How’s the working from home and the parents-as-teachers working for you. With all that’s going on in the world I’ve found it difficult to stay on task. How about you? That’s okay. Take a deep breath. Relax. It’s story time again. This is a sneak peak at If I Should Die, part 2. A Work-in-Progress If I Should Die follows Miranda and Beryl from My Soul to Keep. What you read here is a work-in-progress, meaning it’s an early draft. It has not had the final edits and polish that the published version will have. Some things may end up on the “editing floor” and not appear in the book at all. You never know. What follows is a portion of part 2. If you missed it, go back and read part 1. If I Should Die by Lynette M. Burrows ©2020 Irene Clarke Earnshaw took one more bite of the caramel cream. Sweet and light, it was the perfect finish to a perfect meal. She stole a look to her left. A thrill shivered through her. She couldn’t believe that she actually sat next to President Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. At […]

Character Reveal: Leslie

In a character reveal, characters from my books (in print or works-in-progress) answer questions from a standard personality assessment test. Today’s character reveal: Leslie. You first met Leslie, Ian’s sister, in Fellowship. She also appears in the second in the My Soul to Keep series, If I Should Die. Watch this website for sneak peaks and cover reveals in the third quarter of 2020. Who Leslie Ann Elizabeth Hobart was sixteen when she appeared in the Fellowship. Younger sister to Ian, Leslie worked as an aide at a local physician’s office for her school sponsored work program. She appears in If I Should Die with vital information that challenges Miranda and a doll that brings back unpleasant memories for Beryl.  1. Who is your role model? When I was in school, my role model was Clara Barton. Clara was a self-taught nurse who risked her life to care for soldiers in the battlefield during the Civil War. And she founded the American Red Cross. Now, it would have to be the woman who disguised herself as a man and fought in the Revolutionary war, I forget her name—Deborah something—Sampson? Yes, I think her name was Deborah Sampson. 2. Who knows you […]

Character Reveal: Beryl Clarke

The character reveal is a feature on my website. Characters from my books (in print or works-in-progress) answer questions from a standard personality assessment test. Today’s character reveal: Beryl Lucille Clarke Mitchell. Beryl is Miranda’s aunt and mentor, and a protagonist of the My Soul to Keep series. Who Beryl had just turned fifty-two when she appeared in the first book, My Soul to Keep. Younger sister to the Fellowship’s premier preacher-politician, Counselor Donald Clarke, Beryl learned to hate him when he betrayed her. She and Miranda escape Redemption in My Soul to Keep. Now, fifty-four at the beginning of If I Should Die, she is the First Mate aboard the Lady Angelfish. She’s sworn to protect her niece, Miranda. And she will, even if she never learns to love the water like Miranda. 1. Who is your role model?  As a kid, I read everything I could find about Annie Oakley. I was thirteen years old when my father took my older brother, Donald, and I to a shooting contest in Pinehurst, North Carolina. I saw Annie Oakley shoot 100 clay targets in a row at sixteen yards. Man, I wanted to shoot like her, to be like her. She was one sharp-eyed sixty-two-year-old. But Pop started going […]