Joy and Peace to All

No matter what holidays you celebrate or don’t, I’m wishing joy and peace to all of you.

image in blues of clouds and mountain tops and sky--an image of peace and joy

To say it’s been a hard year for everyone is a little glib. For some, it has been beyond difficult. My heart aches for all your losses, big and small. 

We’ve finally come to the end of the year. You may wish to never look back at the year 2020. There were so many negative thoughts and feelings and events you may recall nothing else. 


It’s easy to look back and see all the negative. The challenge is to to find the moments of joy and peace. Maybe it was the birth of a child or a quiet moment in nature, where and what is different for each of us. 

The problem is that we recall bad memories, traumas, the negative stuff far more easily than the good. These highly emotional events trigger the parts of our brains that record memories. 

What’s the message there? That we need to guard and record our good memories, moments of joy and peace. For some people, that’s taking lots of photographs. Others record their lives in journals. Still others keep a memory jar.

image of a jar labeled "our best memories" full of small rolls of paper tied up with bright pink string--record your moments of joy and peace

Thank You

My blog readers and readers of my books have brought me many moments of joy. I’m not just saying that. A writer spends most of her time alone with pen and paper or computer and keyboard. I, for one, spend many hours learning and practicing my craft. Then I spend hours putting words together and putting them out there for you to read. I often have no idea if I’ve successfully conveyed the ideas I wanted to share. Then one of you comments or reviews my books. You have no idea the joy that brings. I am truly very thankful for each and everyone of you. 

image of a Christmas tree made of white snowflakes on a blue background of a field of snow with a church building with one lighted window--joy and peae

And no matter what you experienced in the past year. I hope you can look back at 2020 and recall some good times. Most of all, let me wish joy and peace to all — today and for the year to come. 

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