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Whether you’re a published author or a newbie writer, the resources for writers listed here are for you. As always, I recommend reading widely.

Whether you need instruction on craft or to boost your creativity or to be a better business person or marketer, what works for me (or someone else) may not work for you. It may be that not every step in the books or posts you read will work for you. But some of them will. Try out the exercises and tools. See what works for you.

When you need more or different tools, come back to my resources for writers page. Check out the available resources, and choose different tools. As you learn and are able to apply one new writer’s tool, you’ll want to move on to a new-to-you tool. Start again. Try it out. If it works for you–Great! If it doesn’t, find another book, another tool.

For a list of writing organizations, craft books, podcasts, and videos I recommend, click on the link:  

List of Resources 

For years I was told I needed to be able to reduce my story to a sentence or two. I didn’t understand. My number one tip on how to write a strong story, is contained in this post: 

The Best Writing Tool

My series of eight blog posts on revising your fiction gives you a how-to go from a rough draft to a polished, final draft. Click on this link:

Re-Visioning Your Story

Other posts about writing that you might find helpful:

Stories Need Structure

Because There Are Lies, Secrets, and Scars

Writer’s Block is Not the End

First Line Fridays

If the first line of a book is what sells it, what can you learn from these first lines ?

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