Use the Right Mindset to Free Your Creativity

Are you one of the many people whose mindset is that you are not creative? Your mindset affects the way you see your life, work, friends, and family. It frees you to explore or blocks you from your potential. Use the right mindset to free your creativity. What is a Mindset? Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines mindset as “1: a mental attitude or inclination 2: a fixed state of mind.” Many experts discuss mindset in terms of two large categories: Fixed Mindset and Growth Mindset. People with a fixed mindset believe they cannot change their abilities, intelligence, or talents. They see those things as forever fixed. Their primary goal in life becomes to use what they have and to not look stupid or silly. A growth mindset believe they can maximize their potential. They will try to maximize whatever they are interested in. More than One The difficulty of mindset is that most of us aren’t one or the other. We often have a growth mindset in some areas of our lives and a fixed mindset in others. Our mindset might be fluid according to our activity or age or other influences. For years, I knew I was a creative and had […]