Wake Up the Happiness

Are you normally full of joy and Christmas cheer and anticipation of the new year, but not this year? Has the sadness of recent tragic events overwhelmed you? Financial worries, crowds at the mall, parking lot show-downs, to-do lists, and all the other practicalities of life weighing you down? Then, how do you wake up…… Continue reading Wake Up the Happiness

Your Christmas Gift

No matter your religion, no matter your belief system, we all can get caught up in the should-dos, the must-dos, the hurry-burry of the Christmas season, the noise, the lights, your Christmas gift shopping, and all the other activities. It can get overwhelming. When you are stressed out, overstimulated, and done in by your list…… Continue reading Your Christmas Gift

A Christmas Crybaby

In December there are opportunities galore for tears, for giggles, and broad from-the-heart smiles. From Christmas music to Christmas Movies to Christmas TV Commercials, you can catch me being a Christmas crybaby.