Progress Is Progress, No Matter How Small

Measuring progress as a writer is tricky. You can count words or time or pages. When revising a novel those measurements get trickier. Word counts are deceptive when you delete as many words as you add. So do you count pages? What about when you  have to go back 80 pages because of a plot hole you discovered? And it takes time to figure out how to fix the plot hole. Progress is progress, no matter how small. But it isn’t easy to quantify. Making Since I did not complete any of my April Intentions for Making, I could count this month as a failure. I count words added, words deleted, and time spent. I also keep track of what chapter I’m working on and the book’s total word count. Most importantly, I look at all of those over time. This month I found and solved a plot hole. That meant I had to revisit seven chapters I’d already revised. Staying focused was more difficult this month so the blogging suffered. But I was able to put up something every week. One of the new bits from If I Should Die:  “It’ll be daylight by then.” Miranda chewed her lower […]