Are you waiting for your destiny to be fulfilled? Take these 7 determined steps to destiny. Make your success happen.

7 Determined Steps to Destiny

Are you waiting for your destiny to be fulfilled? According to Meriam-Webster destiny is “a predetermined course of events often held to be an irresistible power or agency.” To believe in destiny is a powerful and romantic thing. But success based on destiny is rare. Perhaps it is your misbelief in destiny that holds you back. Don’t take that to mean that you’re destined to fail. March right up to your dream of success with these 7 determined steps to destiny. Make your success happen. How do you do that? There are all kinds of articles with all kinds of lists of things to do that will make you successful. I’ve boiled them down to the 7 determined steps to your destiny. Match Your Why with Your What Your why is important. It’s unique to you. Out of your past experiences, there is an emotion or an event that is significant to you. It’s what makes you feel authentic and complete. Let your why guide you. You may not be able to work the job of your dreams, the one that most aligns with your why, right this minute. That’s okay. You can take baby steps and still get there. […]

August in Review

August wasn’t like any other August I’ve experienced. We’ve had mild and wet weather in Kansas. There was the spectacular solar eclipse, a visiting writer, a wet basement—twice, and a family crisis. Goals were met and goals were . . . not met. Writing Goals Get at least half-way through Act 3. NOT MET *Sigh* I wrote 3 of 5 chapters. I fixed a big timeline issue which took a ridiculous amount of time. Write 4 new blog posts. MET Send out reader questionnaires for a new blog series I’d like to do. MET though I would love to get more completed questionnaires. House Goals Finish the exercise room. NOT MET Get estimates for repairs to the house. MET Finish the bathroom project. NOT MET Day Job Keep the number of times I must use a day off to complete those hours to just two days. MET Other Goals Research, Learning, Reading – ONGOING Continue researching book promotion. MET Continue listening to podcasts when I’m able. MET Choose a new fiction book and begin reading. READING View the solar eclipse, Monday, August 21. AWESOME EXPERIENCE – MET Attend the Seven Deadly First-Page Sins by Tex Thompson on August 21. ENTERTAINING […]

July in Review

Wow, another month is gone. I’ve been working hard trying to increase my productivity in writing and ALL THE THINGS that must be done. So, for the first time, I’m sharing my progress, or lack thereof, with you. Let’s look at July in review. WRITING July was not my best nor my worst month. I managed more than 4,800 words on my work-in-progress. The best news is that I finished the second act and have started the third and final act of this book. This revision has been extraordinarily long and painful for a whole bunch of reasons, but I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. A shiny new idea, rather a variation on an old idea, came to me and I did a little research that may turn into a series about aliens and Greek mythology and the challenges of being a hero. I wrote nearly 2,000 words of blog posts but I missed one day. I finished a deep, structure critique for a friend. And my journals are nearly 2,000 words fatter. HOUSE There was one huge storm that meant I spent a fair amount of time cleaning up afterward. This also meant […]