The Special Effects of the Sky: Thunder and Lightning

It’s May in Kansas which means the special effects of the sky: thunder and lightning get a workout. Thunderstorms affect us in a powerful, emotional way. Our response to thunder and lightning shows up in everyday speech, in literature, and on the weather channel. Below is a collection of facts and fantasy all about thunder and lightning. “They say all marriages are made in heaven, but so are thunder and lightning.”  ― Clint Eastwood Fact: Warm, humid, near-the-surface air rises and cools. Water vapor in the air condenses into a cloud and releases heat. Which makes the air around it warmer and it rises and cools and condenses. This process continues until a tall convective cloud is formed. This is the thunderstorm. The cloud can reach up to 12 miles high. What if NASA invented thunderstorms to cover up space battles? Fact: The sudden increase in pressure and temperature caused by lightning results in the sound we call Thunder. The sound is refracted through the lower layer of the atmosphere and reflected off the Earth’s surface. Temperature, air density, and the curvature and composition of the earth affect how the thunder sounds. “Lightning doesn’t strike twice, but you know, baby Nothing is […]

13 Things For Which I Give Thanks

This week of gratitude would not be complete without these 13 things for which I give thanks.  FAMILY INCLUDING GRANDCHILDREN Near and Far (in no particular order of preference or date)   FURRY FAMILY FRIENDS Imagine YOUR photograph here. You thought I’d try to put in photos of all my friends? I love you all! I would not want to miss any of you.   HOME that shelters me from all kinds of weather  snowmagedon 2013   FOOD COFFEE the elixir of my life!   MEDICINE and how modern medicine has sustained the lives of those I love MUSIC all varieties TECHNOLOGY NATURE in all its variety My Health   FINISHING MY EVERLASTING MANUSCRIPT!       Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Connections: Nature Beauty Gratitude

I have always found nature restorative. This TED talk reminds us to appreciate nature, beauty, gratitude. Perhaps you’ll get a little inspiration, feel a little extra gratitude because of this video.     This is part of my special week of Thanks Giving. Inspired by this talk, I want to take a moment to say how very grateful I am for you, my readers. You give me your time and attention and share thoughts with me. Thank you.