What Does Reader Rob Want?

  Reader Questionnaire: What Does Reader Rob Want? (With a tip of the hat to the Inside the Actor’s Studio)   First Name:  Rob Gender:  Male Age Range:61+ Occupation:  Retired (very tiring) What occupation (other than yours) would you like to try? Never gave anything but writing a thought, past the age of say 7 What sound or noise do you love? Many-many.  Rain after drought.  The onset of a thunderstorm in hot summer weather.  The laughter of […]

An Idea That Grew Into a Story

Online friends had asked me to share some of my fiction.  So I scheduled this post for mid-May.  A family emergency demanded 100% of my attention, so this post went online without any promotion or notice.  Today, I’m giving it the attention it deserves. I met Rob Chilson at a local science fiction group meeting.  He is the soft-spoken author of seven novels and numerous short stories and novellas published in science fiction magazines.  Visit his […]