The Magic You Make When You Read a Story

Storytelling is magic. Black marks march across a piece of paper into your brain. And in your brain something grows and blossoms. Colors and shapes and feelings and adventure. The magic you make when you tell a story is that every single person who reads it puts a piece of themselves into that story. Not only that, they take a little piece of that story away with them. The magic you make when you read a story creates a world with characters and problems and solutions. 

Image of girl reading with quote from Maya Angelou "The idea is to write it so that people hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.

Why I Write

Books were friends, allies, escape when I desperately needed those things. They took me to real and fantastical places. The heroes and villains within taught me good and evil are not simple but doing right is. Someone’s words slid right through my eyes and my brain and into my heart. This. I wanted to be able to do that. To help someone who’s having a bad day. To show someone who had darkness in their life that there is light and you can reach it.

My Soul to Keep

My debut book, My Soul to Keep, is very much one of those books. A book I hope will touch the people who need that special kind of magic in their lives. Whether that need is for entertainment or for escape, I hope it brings magic. The kind of magic you make when you tell a story and your brain takes you on a ride with the characters. 

Shown for you to discover the magic of reading is the cover image for My Soul to Keep  by Lynette M. Burrows shows the silhouette of a young women walking. Behind her is a yellow and orange representation of the George Washington Monument and behind that is the Fellowship Shield in blue on a dark blue
At twenty-four, Miranda wants to live her own life.
But it’s 1961 and America's a theocracy. 
The Fellowship Council’s eleven tyrannical men lead
America. And women have few rights.
Following the rules isn’t optional.
Miranda makes a desperate break for freedom from
her pre-planned life.
She discovers her life was a lie…
And her nightmares may be real.
In the wrong place at the wrong time, she lands in
a re-education prison.
Is she prepared to unravel the truth?
Can she escape re-education?
Defeat her own mother’s ruthless ambitions?
And will she avoid the deadly Azrael, the Fellowship’s
enforcers, who Take unbelievers?
She’s got to try. 

Read more about the book.

Celebration Sale

I’m celebrating the publication of my hardcover AND  Women’s History Month. I’m slashing the price of my ebook for the rest of this month and this month only.

On sale on Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and others. This link above will below you to choose your store and buy the book.

When You Read

Whether you buy my book or someone else’s, my wish for you is that you get that special magic you make when you read a story.

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