The Perfect Gift for Your Bookworm

It’s almost time but you still haven’t found the non-book perfect gift for your bookworm. Have no fear, I’ve found a few gems that will light up the most serious book nerd’s eyes. There are no affiliate links here. I get nothing no matter what you click, except for the joy of being able to help you. So click on the picture of the item you think will bring your reader friend you and be whisked to the online store page where you can buy it. 

Image is of a hard cover book with a plain beige cover. A silken rope is tied around it with a bow on top. Really the perfect gift for your bookworm is a book.

Your Reader’s Mug

I have never seen a more perfect gift for readers of this blog. Heck, I think Santa might bring me one of these first lines mugs. I’m not sure I’d fill it with coffee, because I’d spill it trying to read all the first lines.

Image of a coffee cup with first lines from books on it, the perfect gift for your bookworm

Fill a Reader’s Cup

Some like to sip coffee or tea while they read. Fill the tea drinking reader’s cup with something fun and flavorful. 

Photo of tea tins that look like books with tongue-in-cheek titles such as Peach and War a perfect gift for your bookworm

Others prefer something stronger but how boring to drink a beer or glass of wine. Give your book lovers a literary twist to their drinks.

The cover of the book Tequila Mockingbird, cocktails with a literary twist has a mockingbird perched on the rim  of a full martini glass. a book that is the perfect gift for your bookworm

Fill Your Bookworm’s Belly

Don’t forget to feed your reader friends. This cookbook offers a touch of the literary with each dish.

Image of the cover of book lovers cookbook--cook something from your favorite book

Your Book Lover’s New Favorite T

Available in Men and women’s sizes this book lover’s t-shirt comes in five different colors. 

Image of a t-shirt with the outline of a stack of books over the words get lit.

Keep your Bookworm Warm

This warm hoodie is sure to tickle the fancy of your most die hard bookworm friends. Get one in all five colors.

A hoodie with the words my weekend over a stack of books followed by the words is all booked.

Tote those Books

Believe me, a book nerd never has enough totes to carry books. And who wouldn’t love to carry a Kate Spade?

Image of a tote with a stack of colorful books on it.

Help Your Book Nerd 

Okay, I am a true book nerd and a writer and this appeals to me. If your book nerd is also a writer, this journal will be appreciated. 

Image of the cover of Book Marks, a reading tracker journal. Cartoon images of books sitting on and reading books

Don’t Forget Gift Cards

Find a local bookstore and buy a gift card for your bookish friends. Why would a reader want a gift card? Seriously? Have you ever met one that didn’t want need more books? Believe me, it will be their favorite gift.

Confession Time

Okay. The gig is up. This is my Christmas list. These are things I would love to have. Me– Your book loving friend. I’m kidding- sort of.

Seriously, if I love these items, I’m sure the friends on your list will love them too.

Make Merry

No matter what holiday you’re celebrating, I hope this list helped give you find the perfect gift for your bookworm friend. And I send a wish for you to be healthy and safe and comfortable during this holiday season. 

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First Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

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