Your Valentine’s Day Survival Guide

Expectations are so high for Valentine’s Day that there are bound to be disappointments. There are also people who are single. And there are people whose significant other is unable to make romantic gestures due to illness or career demands or even death. Perhaps you’re one of the people whose loved one tries but somehow fails to meet your expectations. No matter your situation, here’s your Valentine’s Day survival guide.

Your Valentine's Day Survival Guide is brought to you to help stave off pity parties and disappointment.

It’s almost impossible to escape the impending holiday in America. The hype around this day is on television, in movies, on the internet, displayed in store windows and aisles, even the elementary schools get involved. If you are someone whose day doesn’t include Hollywood-style romantic gestures or doesn’t include a significant other for any reason, the hype can lead to a day of depression and disappointment. Make a plan for your Valentine’s Day survival.

What Does it Mean?

Before we can treat the problem, we must identify the exact problem. Think for a moment. What does Valentine’s Day mean to you? Let me tell you what it doesn’t mean. It doesn’t mean that if you have a date, you’ve got a great romance. Or even that you’re happy. It doesn’t mean that if you don’t have a date you won’t ever have one. And it doesn’t mean you have to have chocolate or roses or anything in particular. It doesn’t even mean that you like yourself.

What do you really want? It’s not candy and flowers, is it? (If it is, go buy some.) Do you want a relationship like one in the movies? Buy a blow-up doll, you’ll have more luck. Or you can look up relationship guides and how to fix yourself articles on the internet. But that won’t help you get through the next few days. This is for you, your Valentine’s Day Survival Guide.

Your Choices

1. Ignore that it is Valentine’s Day. Follow your daily routine and never mention the words, or

2. Stay at home and watch a sappy movie and cry or get drunk, or

3. Give yourself all the treats you’d want to get on Valentine’s Day (spa day, chocolates, and roses anyone?), or

4. Suffer through the disaster your significant other thinks is romantic, OR

5.Do something different.

Your Valentine’s Day Survival Guide

1. Stop looking for reasons that you are unloveable. Find the love in your everyday life. Your mom sent you a valentine—that’s love. You took a hot bubble bath or made yourself a mug of your favorite tea—that’s love, too. Someone said, “have a nice day?” That’s courtesy but it’s also love of all mankind. Love is out there, but it’s not the big romantic gestures. It’s the small, everyday stuff that you tell yourself doesn’t matter. But it matters, a lot! Look for it, you’ll see.

2. Start loving yourself. Talk to yourself as if you’re someone you actually like. Treat yourself the way you would treat your best friend.

3. Don’t stay home alone crying in your beer. Buy champagne instead. You deserve it.

4. Get your blood pressure checked or do something good for your heart health.

5. Go to the range.

6. Watch a horror movie.

7. Volunteer at a local hospital or soup kitchen.

8. Schedule your mammogram or, for you fellas, your prostate exam.

9. Babysit your niece and nephew or neighbor kids. Play games and watch silly shows.

10. Celebrate what you love.

11. Try something new.

12. Take a day trip to a local tourist trap you’ve avoided for your whole life.

13. Take a walk somewhere you’ve never walked before.

14. Do something nice for someone else and don’t let them know.

See the Love

Before you go, take another look at the image above. What do you see? Do you see a broken heart? Look at it with new eyes. See the beautiful stained glass. Do you see the multiple colors, multiple shapes? Notice how all the pieces come together to make a whole. And the gold center? That’s you, loving yourself enough to create your Valentine’s Day survival guide.

So, don’t look at Valentine’s Day as a sign that you’re unloved or not loved enough. Make it a day to appreciate love in all its forms. Know what you want. Have a plan in case the romance doesn’t work out. Make your day wonderful and your week fantabulous no matter how you celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Have you experienced the love that’s out there? Share the small gesture that demonstrated someone cared below.

Have you had to ‘survive’ Valentine’s Day? Won’t you take a moment to share your Valentine’s Day survival guide or method?


  1. This is great. And hilarious! (“buy a blow-up doll…” LOL!) A friend of mine used to refer to Valentine’s Day as Singles Awareness Day. I like that. I’m lucky enough to have a wonderful husband, but we don’t think Valentine’s Day is worth braving restaurant crowds or wasting money on, so even though it’s not a matter of survival, we choose your option #1, ignore it. And that works for us!

    1. Thanks, Jennette! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I love the Singles Awareness Day idea. LOL. Yes. As a single person, I hated Valentines Day. Me, I’d probably ignore it forever. My husband is a hopeless romantic and wants to celebrate, so we’re going to try a late lunch and see if we can avoid the crowds.

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