Are You In Love With Words?

Are you in love with words? Most writers I know are. Many readers are. So for this month’s fun quiz, let’s test our word knowledge. How many do you know? You’re on your honor—answer to the best of your knowledge. Scroll down the page to find the answers. Don’t cheat and look the answer up.   Quiz Questions A manzanilla is what?  What is entomophobia?  An arctophile collects what?  What do philatelists collect?   An irrational fear of trees is called? What is the blob of toothpaste on your toothbrush called?  How long is a zeptosecond?  What are fulgurites?  Do you know what mondegreen means? What is Tenebrescence? Bonus Questions Three of eight 2019 Spelling Bee Champions spelled these words correctly. Do you know what they mean? Auslaut is the word for what sound? Pendeloque describes what? What is an aiguillette? Answers A manzanilla is what? A light sherry. What is entomophobia? An irrational fear of insects. An arctophile collects what? Teddy Bears What do philatelists collect?  Stamps The word for an irrational fear of trees is? Dendrophobia. What is the blob of toothpaste on your toothbrush called? Nurdle How long is a zeptosecond? A trillionth of a billionth of a second. Read […]

Name callers: Improve Your Insults AKA Fun With Words

To All Name Callers: Improve Your Insults (AKA Words Are Fun)

I’m tired of all the school grounds name calling that is done in the name of “discussing” politics and speaking up to protect us. Name calling is an attempt to bully or diminish someone with demeaning language. It is the least effect means of “discussion.” So I’ve decided to issue a challenge to all name callers: improve your insults. And because it’s unlikely the name callers will do research in order to improve their insults, I’m providing you with a choice of words. (In case you don’t get it—I’m not really asking you to improve your insults. I’d rather you don’t insult anyone. I provide this list because I love words and these are fun to say.) Suggested Words Acerbate—a bitter person Bedswerver—An adulterer Billingsgate—coarse or abusive language Bloviate—people who talk for a long time or who inflate their story to make themselves sound better Bumfuzzle—confused, perplexed, flustered Cacafuego—Swaggering braggart or boaster Contumelious — insolent; rude and sarcastic; contemptuous Dingus: A person regarded as stupid Discombobulated—Very confused and disorganized  Drate-Poke—One who drawls or speaks indistinctly. Flibbertigibbet—a silly person who talks incessantly Fopdoodle—Insignificant or foolish man Gardyloo—a warning shouted before slop bucket is dumped out the window Gobermouch—Prying person who likes to […]