To All Name Callers: Improve Your Insults (AKA Words Are Fun)

Name callers: Improve Your Insults AKA Fun With Words

I’m tired of all the school grounds name calling that is done in the name of “discussing” politics and speaking up to protect us. Name calling is an attempt to bully or diminish someone with demeaning language. It is the least effect means of “discussion.” So I’ve decided to issue a challenge to all name callers: improve your insults. And because it’s unlikely the name callers will do research in order to improve their insults, I’m providing you with a choice of words.

(In case you don’t get it—I’m not really asking you to improve your insults. I’d rather you don’t insult anyone. I provide this list because I love words and these are fun to say.)

Words to Improve Your Insults

Acerbate—a bitter person

Bedswerver—An adulterer

Billingsgate—coarse or abusive language

Bloviate—people who talk for a long time or who inflate their story to make themselves sound better

Bumfuzzle—confused, perplexed, flustered

Cacafuego—Swaggering braggart or boaster

Contumelious — insolent; rude and sarcastic; contemptuous

Dingus: A person regarded as stupid

Discombobulated—Very confused and disorganized 

Drate-Poke—One who drawls or speaks indistinctly.

Flibbertigibbet—a silly person who talks incessantly

Fopdoodle—Insignificant or foolish man

Gardyloo—a warning shouted before slop bucket is dumped out the window

Gobermouch—Prying person who likes to interfere in other folks’ business.

Ill-willy—having an unfriendly disposition

Klazomaniac—Someone who only seems able to speak by shouting. 

Malarkey—words that are insincere or foolish

Molly coddle—A man or boy used to being coddled; to pamper.

Namby-pamby—Weak, insipid, indecisive; a feeble person.

Niggle—To be preoccupied with trifles or petty details; to cause slight but persistent annoyance, discomfort, or anxiety; to find fault constantly and trivially.

Nincompoop—a foolish or stupid person

Piffle—Nonsense. To talk or act feebly or futilely.

Popinjay—A vain, talkative person.

Scalawag—A reprobate; a rascal.

Sesquipedalian— a person who uses long words.

Skelpie-limmer—A badly-behaved child.

Snollygoster—a politician who does or says things for their own personal advancement

Taradiddle—a pretentious lie

You can look up any of the above words at Merriam-Webster Dictionary online. For more fun with words you can learn the oxymoron song.

Did you learn a new word or two today? My favorite new word is “snollygoster.” It’s fun to say.

It’s my sincere hope that this was a fun read and that none of these words, or others, will be used to insult any real person. (It might be fun to use a few in one of my stories.) What about you? Did this list help you improve your insults? What fun or unusual words have you heard?

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