Life – It’s a Balancing Act – Really!

balancing can be tricky I've read a lot of blogs during the last week or two that mention a goal or resolution of restoring balance in their lives. Apparently 2011 left a lot of people feeling unbalanced for a lot of reasons. Ever the helpful girl scout, I went in search of all things balanced.

I find to be a source of reliable information. Their article: 5 Tips for a Better Work-Life Balance may be helpful to you. I think they are right, we should learn to relax. After all, we could live in Bangladesh and have this guy's job:

Mayo clinic's article Work-life balance: Tips to Reclaim Control suggests, among other things, to bolster your support system. I think Henri Fochatin could use a little more support, don’t you? (don’t watch if you have acrophbia, seriously!)

In 5 Essential Zen Habits for Balanced Living you’re reminded to use awareness and mindfulness, to find some calm in the midst of the madness. How? Allow yourself some downtime. Even just ten or fifteen minutes of time to recharge your inner self. Do what brings you peace. For me that’s a waterfall in a beautiful setting.
a peaceful setting can bring balance

But I think all these articles have missed the mark.

Life is chaotic and messy.

little messes may require creativity

Things happen. Suddenly you have to juggle more than one thing at a time.

life is like juggling

If you let it, life's chaos will divert your attention from the things you want to do and from the ones you love. How do you handle it?

With Silliness.

silliness brings balance

christmas hat silliness

Laugh, even when things are upside down.

wrong end for that diaper!

No matter how small you feel in comparison to the things that keep you from putting your best foot forward, a smile will lift you up.

Make time to have fun.

playing fairy princess

Most importantly, take a breath. Recognize what you've accomplished: the milestones, the successes, the learning that you’ve done, no matter how small. It's important. Celebrate!
celebrate with cake

If in your struggle to find balance, you take the time to do a few of these things, I am certain that you will find

you have soared higher than you think!

astronaut floating above earth

6 thoughts on “Life – It’s a Balancing Act – Really!

  1. So true! The world has us all in a tussle these days. We just need to find a few moments of peace and downtime for ourselves every day. At one of my former jobs that was really stressful, I would take about ten minutes or so and walk around the block. It got me out of my chair and away from the chaos long enough to clear my mind. It really helped!
    Thanks for sharing this and reminding me how important being silly and laughing are to our lives!

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