Overwhelmed by all the horrible violence--natural and human? In a World of Peril, Create.

In a World of Peril, Create

I had intended to blog about Halloween quotes and traditions this week, but the recent tragedies in the U.S. changed my mind. People are hurting and grieving and scared. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t celebrate Halloween. It means that many people are overwhelmed at this horrid turn of events. I’m overwhelmed. But there’s a way to beat back the overwhelming emotions. In a world of peril, create. Create love, create art, create a pie (pumpkin anyone?), create hope. LOVE Love is evident everywhere in this time of grief and fear. It was in the police officers who got shot trying to stop the violence. It’s in the grieving loved ones feel. Shared sorrow is borne out of love of your fellow man. Vowing to support those who are being persecuted, hunted, and harmed—is a form of love. This doesn’t mean don’t be angry. Hate what happened. Hate the fear and abuse and hatred. But if you choose to hate a single person or group of persons you are no different than the people who killed or tried to kill people they hate. Hate begets hate. Take comfort in the outpouring of love. Give love. Love the helpers, the grieving, the […]

20 Reasons Why You Love Reading Dystopian Novels

Dystopian novels are very popular these days. Have you thought about why they are so popular? Why do we choose to be entertained by dark worlds where it’s kill or be killed? I have pondered those questions. In my research, I didn’t go to the psychiatrists and academic sites to find out why. I went to the readers. 20 Reasons Why We Love Dystopian Novels They feel honest because we know politicians, military people, and corporate moguls are capable of doing awful things. Dictatorship, revolution, and counterrevolution usually cause severe physical and psychological damage to the victims and other participants.  We admire the best dystopian novels because they’re written well and depict people we can relate to. It fascinates us how some characters react bravely and some react cowardly or with resignation to the terrible situations they face. As readers, we rubberneck to see the misery; we can’t avert our eyes even as we’re enraged by what despots and other vicious officials are doing to citizens. We wonder if rebels and other members of the populace can somehow remake a wretched society into something more positive. The questions of who will survive and who won’t keep us reading.  We might […]

The Power of Love

“We must discover the power of love.” That’s what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said and what Rev. Michael Curry said during the royal wedding. It has never been more appropriate. There’s much to fear, people are being killed every day. There are people who hate. People who are mistreated, abused, oppressed, and living in misery. But the power of love is still all around us. I went to the store for a quick errand today and I saw the power of love working in quiet ways all around me. A mother kissed her toddler. A pair, not-the-same-skin-color, held hands and whispered to one another. A father ruffled his young son’s hair. Love is all around us. It’s not usually very noisy, the royal wedding is an exception. An important exception because it held an extraordinary blend of love and tribute and celebration. Most importantly it held a reminder of Dr. King’s words. There are so many people on the internet shouting angry, hateful words out of fear or negative places and feeling. It drowns out the quieter emotions like love. We, who aren’t full of hate, and anger, and fear, need to hold up the more powerful emotion. I […]