How to Keep Your Writing Alive in a Family Crisis

Whether it’s an accident, a health problem, a financial problem, or a mental health issue–the upheaval of a crisis can cause chaos. There are things you can do to keep your writing alive in a family crisis. Ways you can lessen the chaos. Things you can do to care for yourself, your loved ones, and to keep your writing alive in a family crisis. These things are applicable to any job or goals that get interrupted. Recognize that there is a crisis. We all tend to deny the scary stuff in our personal lives. Stop and look at your situation. Sometimes the crisis is long term, sometimes it’s short term. The crucial thing is to recognize it’s a crisis. Your emotional response is normal. No matter what you are feeling, your feelings are a normal reaction to stress and grief. Yes, even if there’s no death involved there will be grief. Allow yourself to feel all the feelings but don’t allow them to rule you. (I am living proof that this is not always easy.) Remember that other family members are having emotional reactions as well. Give each other the time and space you need to feel the feelings. Talk […]