In the Year 2525, Will These Treatments Keep You Alive?

Modern technological innovations have made dramatic differences in the work and daily lives of people. And these innovations are influencing medicine. In the year 2525, will these treatments keep you alive? Maybe. The genetic studies may take longer. Some, like 3-D printing, may save lives a lot sooner. Pharmacogenomics Pharmacogenomics is the study of how genes affect a person’s response to drugs. Scientists will study the genetic makeup of a patient. With this genetic information, doctors will personalize medications. They will know which medicines an individual will respond to. They’ll be able to avoid medication related illness like Stevens-Johnson syndrome. Side effects may become a thing of the past. The field of study is still in its infancy. But pharmacogenomics has a lot of potential. One hope is that we can avoid addiction. And personalized medications will provide a better quality of life for many people. 3-D Printing One day organ transplants will be obsolete. If you need an organ, your doctor will print one on a 3-D printer. It will be made with your own tissue. Your body will recognize and accept it. “The most significant developments in 3-D printing have come in external prosthetics, cranial or orthopedic implants, and […]

Breaking News: Do We Trust It?

When I friend sent me a link to this youtube video, I watched and I laughed. I thought the satire about Breaking News: Do We Trust It was right-on. Please watch (be aware that the language is a little “colorful”). Did you laugh? Why? Upon reflection, I found my reaction to this video to be disturbing. I felt the satire hit really close to the truth. Is it News or Reality TV? The more I thought about it, the more I wondered, are we devaluing news? Or are we over-valuing it? Do we, as television viewers, believe the news as much as we believe reality shows? Or has news become more about the 30 seconds of video and a sound bite? Is it more about entertainment than reporting of events that will change your life? Are the television news anchors who read the news on their prompters and do charitable events really reporters? Should they be held accountable for inaccuracies in the news they report? Or is that only the responsibility of the “on-location” reporter? Do you trust the evening news? Are you skeptical? For me, my skepticism grows with the size of the event and the immediacy. And the […]