Consistently Inconsistent OR Striving for Consistency

I am nothing if not consistently inconsistent. At least, that was my excuse. I used it all the time.  The ‘I have a family and a job’ excuse was helpful. So was the excuse, ‘I’m a slow writer.’ After I used those excuses, I beat myself up. I was a failure for not being consistent, for not making my writing goals. I went through this a circular reasoning day after day after year. Until I […]

The Road to Success in 2012

The web, magazines, even news and talk shows on TV tell you to make resolutions, but most resolutions fail so don't make resolutions, make goals. Then they proceed to tell you how to make goals. You could get whiplash just from reading the how-tos, not-tos, and must dos. Arg! I'm not telling you to make or not make resolutions. Heck, if not setting goals works for you, go for it! But if you did set […]

Re-Visioning Your Story

Lesson 1:    This week my Writing Wednesday post was inspired by all you NANOWRIMO participants (Congrats to all, no matter the word count). Today, I’m starting a series about the revision process. Revision is probably the single most difficult thing a writer must do. Now, I know some of you are going to remind me that there are those who advise not to revise, except to editorial demand. I believe there are some writers […]