Twenty-One Ways to Be Kind to Yourself

Have you ever thought about defining what it means to be kind? When you look the word ‘kind’ up in the dictionary it says of a friendly, warm, and generous nature. Do you think of yourself as a kind person? Is that how you treat yourself? Do you know how to be kind to yourself? Practice Practice kindness to yourself every day. If you normally do one thing per day, today do two. The following day do three kind things for yourself. Keep adding one kind act per day until the habit is your natural routine. Forgive yourself for not being perfect. Shut down negative self-talk. Take good care of yourself. Get enough sleep. Eat nutritiously. Get exercise. Respect yourself—honor your opinion, trust yourself. Tell yourself that “I am enough.” Invest in yourself. Spend 15 minutes reading or listening to inspirational talks or music. Smile at yourself in the mirror. Pay yourself a compliment. Buy yourself some flowers. Take a bubble bath. Write a letter of appreciation to yourself. Give yourself 15 minutes to induldge in your favorite activity. Treat yourself to a favorite food or drink or a small gift. Find one part of your physical self and praise […]

Born storytellers. Lynette M Burrows discusses how storytelling helps and hurts us.

Born Storytellers

We are born storytellers. Have you ever told a ghost story? Or did you tell a lie to make certain you stayed out of trouble? Perhaps you told a friend or coworker about the terrible, horrible, no-good day you had? Maybe you shared a story about the joyful day when your son or daughter was born. Or you simply relive the day your parent, teacher, boss, or revered mentor did or said something you cherish. Yeah. Me, too. Storytellers do that. We use stories every single day. Generally, they are really short stories, unless you are the person who goes on and on and on and on. This inborn sense of the dramatic is part and parcel of who we are. We feel a compulsion—no, not to lie—to share our feelings. That’s what storytelling is all about. At least, compelling storytelling is. THE INVITATION This is why movies, novels, articles, artwork, photography, and songs are so important to us. They invite us to imagine ourselves in a different situation, or to remember a similar feeling, or to re-experience that feeling we want or need to re-live. THE EMOTION Why would we want to feel negative feelings of sadness again, you […]

Your Valentine’s Day Survival Guide

Expectations are so high for Valentine’s Day that there are bound to be disappointments. There are also people who are single. And there are people whose significant other is unable to make romantic gestures due to illness or career demands or even death. Perhaps you’re one of the people whose loved one tries but somehow fails to meet your expectations. No matter your situation, here’s your Valentine’s Day survival guide. It’s almost impossible to escape the impending holiday in America. The hype around this day is on television, in movies, on the internet, displayed in store windows and aisles, even the elementary schools get involved. If you are someone whose day doesn’t include Hollywood-style romantic gestures or doesn’t include a significant other for any reason, the hype can lead to a day of depression and disappointment. Make a plan for your Valentine’s Day survival. What Does it Mean? Before we can treat the problem, we must identify the exact problem. Think for a moment. What does Valentine’s Day mean to you? Let me tell you what it doesn’t mean. It doesn’t mean that if you have a date, you’ve got a great romance. Or even that you’re happy. It doesn’t […]