As the Plot Turns

Pantser or Planner it makes no difference when you are knee deep in re-visioning your story. The first draft is to get the story down on paper. How you choose to write the story MAKES NO DIFFERENCE. It’s the second draft, the revision, that matters. This is where you take that diamond in the rough and cut away everything that gets in the way of your reader seeing the shining gem inside. In the final analysis, for your story has to have some kind of structure, some thread of a plot, that will keep your reader engaged. Lesson 5: Re-Visioning Your Story More than Just a Beginning, Middle, and End First, let’s agree upon a definition of plot. Wait a minute, you say, everyone knows a plot is: a Beginning, a Middle and an End. Some of you may think you’ll outwit me by quoting a dictionary, such as The American Heritage Dictionary, which says the plot is “the plan of events or main story in a narrative or drama.” I’d argue that plot is more than that. To paraphrase and meld together definitions by Dwight V. Swain, Donald Maass, and Jessica Page Morrell: plot is a series of scenes […]