Speak Out-April is SAAPM

Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month I speak out because I believe that every survivor deserves a safe place to find help. Speak out with me this Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. Visit: rainn.org/SAAPM #SAAPM The Statistics The statistics are terrifying. Every ninety-two seconds someone is sexually assaulted. That means that by the time you finish reading this short post, someone has been assaulted. Maybe someone you know.  Make a Call If you’ve been assaulted, or you know someone who has been, it can be overwhelming. You don’t know what to do or where to turn.  Reach out.  Whether you’re need support, information, advice, or a referral, RAINN’s trained support specialists are ready to help. Call 800-656-HOPE (4653). There is no charge. Or if you prefer, there is a CHAT feature available on the RAINN website. How You Can Help Post a photo on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook of a blue triangle on your hand on Thursday, April 4 to show your support of RAINN Day. A blue triangle represents a megaphone to remind us to use our voices to spread awareness about sexual violence. Change your Facebook profile photo to include RAINN SAAPM frame. Available on Facebook on April 1. Search […]

Educating the Heart, the Writer’s Heart

When Aristotle spoke of educating the heart, he meant that one must be emotionally intelligent. Of course, the term emotional intelligence didn’t come into common use until after the publication of the book by the same name in 1996. Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others. –Psychology Today Educating the Heart It’s not that you’re supposed to actually manipulate the emotions of others. Too many people do that far too often. What it means is to be self-aware and to be empathetic with other people. How do we become empathetic? Reading is the number one way most people educate the heart. Stories not only help us define terms we use to identify emotions, it shows that two people experiencing the same event can feel differently. Why do I bring this up? As a person, this is important. As a writer, it has another level of importance. Storytellers have an obligation to our readers. Our characters emotions need to reflect real emotions. This is where you must write what you know. Your emotional experiences are real. They are what you must be able to put on the page. Get back in […]