A Novel Announcement and the Story Behind the Story

Recently I realized I’ve never made the official novel announcement here. News I shared several weeks ago on Facebook and Twitter, but not here. (For those of you who’ve seen Facebook or Twitter you’ll like the story behind the story.) My novel, My Soul to Keep, went live as an ebook on August 21st. It is now also available as a paperback book on Amazon. Other retailers can order it from Ingram. What’s the Story? This dystopian tale takes place in 1961, but America is not the nation you know. It’s an insular land of righteousness, repression, and fear. Drawn into a maelstrom of political intrigue, familial deception, and social upheaval two women, one peaceful and the other violent, seek truth and justice. To find the truth they will have to make sacrifices. Triumph will free them and the nation. Failure will mean a face-off with the angel-assassin, Azrael. How A Nice Girl Wrote A Dystopian Novel You might wonder how “a nice girl like” me came to write a dystopian novel. I moved seventeen times before I graduated from high school. No, neither parent was in any armed service. Seventeen different homes, seventeen different schools. Can you imagine a […]

How I Found the Right Editor

It was more than luck. Creating a book takes a team. I spoke about how I chose my cover artist. How I found the right editor for My Soul to Keep was to search for the right one several months before I needed one. It took some work, some due diligence, and some patience. But it paid off. Which Type? The first step in my journey to find the right editor was to research the different types of editors. It can get confusing. When you search the internet there are folks who say there are four types, five types, nine types, and more! But for most freelancers, it boils down to four general types. Developmental editors who work with you on the structure and arc of the story. Copy editors examine your finished story for consistency, grammar, and flow. Line editors address the writing style, language, and content on a sentence level. Proofreaders are the nit-pickers who look for typos and misplaced words or punctuation. Each writer’s needs, every novel’s needs, are different. I had a mentor who had helped me with developing the story. But my weaknesses were grammar and consistency. So I needed a copy editor. But there […]

Confessions of a Last Minute Writer

Mea Culpa. I messed up. It’s been a week, a month, a wild ride this year. Much of it has been good, but busier and more intense than I’d anticipated. I’ve had my head down getting things done, words written on my WIP, and not getting blog posts written until the last minute. A-a-nd it caught up with me tonight. We had a terrible thunderstorm move in very quickly. One big boom and flash and we were in the dark. Literally. The power has been out for more than three and a half hours. The blog post isn’t written, laundry isn’t done, and neither is supper. Plus a half dozen other tasks I could have done in two or three minutes while supper was cooking but without light…nada. When the power came back up, I had a lovely email response to my new email campaign for new subscribers. Except somehow MailChimp sent it to all my old subscribers, too. Sheesh. Sorry, folks. I am working on figuring out what I did wrong. I had intended to send all my current subscribers a single email telling you about the list of dystopian novels—later this week. Sigh. Anyway, I hope you got […]