The Magic You Make When You Read a Story

Storytelling is magic. Black marks march across a piece of paper into your brain. And in your brain something grows and blossoms. Colors and shapes and feelings and adventure. The magic you make when you tell a story is that every single person who reads it puts a piece of themselves into that story. Not only that, they take a little piece of that story away with them. The magic you make when you read a story creates a world with characters and problems and solutions.  Why I Write Books were friends, allies, escape when I desperately needed those things. They took me to real and fantastical places. The heroes and villains within taught me good and evil are not simple but doing right is. Someone’s words slid right through my eyes and my brain and into my heart. This. I wanted to be able to do that. To help someone who’s having a bad day. To show someone who had darkness in their life that there is light and you can reach it. My Soul to Keep My debut book, My Soul to Keep, is very much one of those books. A book I hope will touch the people […]

What Is Bad Will Be Better Tomorrow

In my year-end review process I go through my old journals to get a sense of where I was last year and five years ago. It helps me to see what my goals were, what I’ve accomplished, and where my goals changed.  This year something I wrote five years ago, caught my attention. I don’t remember the details but can read between the lines. I had said something out loud about my dream of being a successful writer and it paralyzed me for a while. It’s been a rough year–again. But the little free verse that I wrote five years ago speaks to me today about more than my writing. What is bad, will be better tomorrow. I Dreamed and was Afraid I dreamed aloud today. I boasted of my writing abilities. And I grew afraid. I’m not that good. And I wasn’t. I dreamed a quiet dream. And I whispered I will try. And still I was afraid. But I tried. And words meandered across the page. I stopped dreaming. And I wrote. I was still afraid. But I did it anyway. And words marched and plodded and stumbled and fell. It wasn’t that good. But it was getting better. […]

The Excitement–and the Mess–Build

There’s a lot going on at my house and the excitement—and the mess—build. Soon they will crescendo at nearly the same time. My hubby gets to come home this week and at the end of the week, I will be appearing at the Longview Literary Festival in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. The Festival is free and runs from 10 am to 5 pm, Friday, October 26th. I’d say I’m cleaning house in preparation for hubby coming home but that’s not exactly true. Take a look. Preparations My dining room has been converted to a workshop, staging area, and collections point. I wanted to do a little something special for my sales table at the Festival. And being the overachiever whose OCD kicks in at every opportunity, things got a little out of hand. Yup, those are two of my too-curious-for-their-own-good dogs in the crate in the lower right corner. They caused a couple of paint mishaps that could have been disastrous. Don’t worry. They will only be in there for a few more minutes. The product I’m using to paint the styrofoam head drys quickly. Have I gone overboard? Definitely. Is it worth it? It’s been fun, stressful, and fun. Of […]