9 Things Rarely Seen Today (Except in my Novel)

I thought it might be fun to share some of the past technologies and images that inspired or were described in my soon-to-be-published novel. My Soul To Keep is the story of a young woman who escapes her sheltered life and discovers personal, social, and political wrongs that must be righted. It takes place in the United States but in an alternate history. I had fun combing historical vehicles, communications, manufactured goods, and fashion. This […]

The CS Lewis way, original illustration of the hross from Out of a Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis, lynettemburrows.com

You Might Be An Alien If–

You might be an Alien if . . . .  Your spaceship is double parked in the living room. You use more than 10% of your brain. You think books are made of paper. You think telephones are for talking. You think there is no intelligent life on this planet. You think being called ‘spacey’ is a compliment. Gravity is pulling you down. You know what a Fluvian Nurplex is. The words “fire your retro jets” doesn’t […]

What Does Reader Sarah Want?

Reader Interview: What Does Reader Sarah Want? (With a tip of the hat to the Inside the Actor’s Studio) First Name: Sarah Gender: F Age Range: 21-40 Occupation: peer tutor at the JCCC Writing Center What occupation (other than yours) would you like to try? Fiction and poetry writer What sound or noise do you love? Purring cat What sound or noise do you hate? Insistent meowing of cat wanting to go outside What is […]