First Lines of Science Fiction Love Stories

First Lines is a series of blog articles posted on around the first of the month. The first line of a story, we’re told, must hook the reader. Implied is that the reader will not buy the book if the first line isn’t great. These entries are all marketed as science fiction romance on Amazon. Do these first lines hook you? Do you want to read more?

Science Fiction Romance

Cover of Pheromon iis layers of images, the top is a hexagonal diagram with spots of light and a heart in the center, the second layer is the head of a horned creature, reflected as a shadow in the lower half of the book, the third layer is background colors of purple, teal, and black with shadowy images and geometric shapes

Humans…pets, meat, or mates.

I’m almost certain that’s what the sign above my head reads. With a grown of pain, I roll onto my side, coughing, and curling up into a ball. My head is ringing, and I’m seeing double, so maybe I just imagined it. What a weird thing for a sign to say, right?

I must’ve fallen and conked my head. That’s all I can think to explain both the confusion and the pain; my leg is killing me. That, and I’m not sure if I’m too hot or too cold. Is it possible to be both things at once?

Pheromone, For the Love of Aliens Book 1, C.M. Stunich

Cover of His Darkest deceit is a stylized, multi-rayed sun in gold which is also the title color. It's surrounded by a stacked diamond shape outlined with purle and teal graphics against a black background with purple and teal frome-like scrolls around the edges.

To fail within the Academy, mounted to certain death.

To shine, to draw our illustrious generals attention, would result in ruin.

Every last recruit contained within the academy walls had been created by the human government of Risa colony. We were owned by their military, our genetics mixed with the hostile planets, Apex predator, the vorec. Given life for a single purpose — to protect humans.

His Darkest Deceit,Insatiable Instinct Book 1, Addison Cain

Galactic Empire Romance

In the center of the cover of Salvage is a beautiful blond woman walking stage right but looking at the camera, she wears a black tight top and pants, and has a thick belt, in each hand she carries a futuristic pistol. Behind her is a city scape and behind that are ringed planets and moons.

Cherry Pendit’s cozy spaceship waited for her, back along a mile or three of abandoned space station corridors. Once, Diamond Station had housed 1 million people. Now, it’s darkness grudgingly retreated from the field of light admitted by her survey drones. The silence remained. Without air, the empty corridors and forsaken rooms killed sound.

The open common lines on her life suit was a lifeline – a sanity line – that tied her to the rest of the diamond expedition.

It was also also the leash that kept her from searching where she needed to search. She couldn’t risk finding whom she saw until the fleet was gone.

Salvage, The Delphic Dame Book 1, Jenny Schwartz

Center of the cover of Mel's Escape is a very muscular male chest and waist, the background on the upper half is purple hued space, stars, and a planet, the lower half is a blue to teal hues planet and space

His name is Plarn. He’s from Kosta, a planet I never expected existed, never mind planned to visit. He’s also a big deal here-a general type and so disgusting.

Plarn pulls me closer, burying his nose in my hair yet again, the mucus bubbling in his sinuses as he breathes.

I’m gonna be sick.

Mel’s Escape: An Intergalactic Warriors Prequel

Paranormal Romance

The cover of Sweetwater & the witch features a man on the far right and a woman on the far left. He's in a black dinner jacket and bow tie, she's in a spagetti strapped black dress with her hand on her hip. Behind them is a teal background with interrupted lines that make you think of a 5-point star.

“The witch will burn.”

Reina Chastain could hear the chanting in the adjacent chamber. It was growing louder and more intense. The members of the witch hunter cult were working themselves up into a frenzy.

“The witch will burn. The witch will burn. The witch will burn.”

Until a few minutes ago she had kept panic at bay by telling herself that help was on the way.

Sweetwater and the Witch, A Harmony Novel, Book 16, Jayne Castle

In the center of the cover of Resonance Surge stand a male-female couple with their backs to us, her head is on his shoulder with her arm across  his back and hand resting on his shoulder. A building with minurettes is to the far left. The entire cover is in shades of yellow to burnt umber

Silence has fallen.

For the Psy race, emotion is no longer a crime.

They are free for the first time in over 100 years.

So free that perhaps they have forgotten those who cannot walk into freedom, who cannot even see or understand that freedom. The ones who were irreparably destroyed by Silence.

Where are the “rehabilitated,” those Psy who were sentenced to a psychic brain wipe, those Psy were left nothing more than shuffling blanks?

Resonance Surge, Psy-Changeling Trinity, Book 7, Nalini Singh

Space Opera Romance

The cover of Forgotten worlds Shows a rectangular space ship with long wings that appear to be inhabitable. The ship has an explosive light errupting on it's bottom side. Above the ship is a distant planet and its moon against the blackness of space.

Almost there…

Energy flashed and swirled around the black portal. It was the only escape now – hyperdrive engines were out. The Essian had immediately targeted them, or he’d be on his way to Lenox station.

“Oxygen at 50% of normal.” The ships automated female voice was too nice in the face of the energy spears flashing outside the canopy. It almost calmed him. 


A New Beginning,Starfire Angels: Forgotten Worlds Book 1, M.A. Nilles and Melanie Nilles.


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