Cover Reveal for Fellowship

I’m delighted to be able to post the cover reveal for Fellowship, my latest book.

Cover Reveal: Fellowship by Lynette M. Burrows shows a young man in a frozen forest over an image of fog in the mountains

On Preorder Now: Amazon

On sale: July 8, 2019

Artist/Illustrator/Designer: Cover Shot Creations


The Angel of Death is real.

Eighteen-year-old, Ian Hobart couldn’t believe it. Didn’t want to believe it.

But his parents and older brother were Taken.

And the Cleaners want him and his three younger siblings.

They escape and hide in the wilds of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Now his siblings depend on him for their survival.

But resources are scarce. The mountains unforgiving. And winter is only weeks away.

Ian relies on his best friend’s help…

And puts his friend at risk.

Will Ian lose the last friend and family he has left?

Or can he identify and neutralize their betrayer before the Fellowship’s Cleaners find and neutralize them?

Told from two different viewpoints Fellowship is a an action-adventure and a coming-of-age story in a dystopian America. It will be available in all your favorite online bookstores on July 8th.

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Nicole from Cover Shot Creations created the cover. Her website says “enjoy a dependable designer and get the quality work you deserve.”

In my experience you get a professional designer who is easy to work with, who has superior skills, and who produces high quality work in record time.

Cover Shot Creations provides custom book covers, premades, blog and facebook graphics along with any other design needs.

Nicole Hutton owner/designer of Cover Shot Creations is a small town girl from the middle of nowhere. Creative work has always been a favorite outlet, pastime and inevitable career. With over a decade in the industry, she still finds time to ride horses, travel, and spend time with the beloved family.

Check out her designs on her website, Cover Shot Creations or her facebook page.


Lynette M. Burrows is a survivor. She survived moving to seventeen different schools before she graduated from high school. She contends that this makes her uniquely qualified to write a dystopian novel or two.

Lynette enjoys coffee, the pleasure of real books, and the crack of a nine-millimeter, not necessarily all at the same time—although they all appear in her stories. Spiced with a dash of intrigue, a dollop of mayhem, and a liberal dose of automatic weapons her stories aim to entertain. Read more about Lynette.

If you like stories of survival and this cover reveal for Fellowship appeals to you, place your preorder today!


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