Musical Mood Makers for You and Me

Music Mood Makers for you and me. What music do you listen to?

Music is an almost universal language. It expresses moods and has the power to change moods. And for most of us music touches memories. So I’m asking for your musical favorites today.

What piece of music always makes you tap your feet (or get up and dance)?

This one always makes me want to get up out of my seat:

Can you name a song or movie score that reminds you of a special time in your life?

Are you surprised at my choice? This was a third date movie, the date my sweet husband-to-be invited my thirteen-year-old son along. Kind of cinched the deal.

What song or music do you play when you feel sad?

Do I have to pick just one? Here’s one of the saddest ones I’ve ever heard.

Name your most romantic music.

This one may be the hardest for me to answer. I have a long, long list. Today, I’ll answer with this one.

Which song do you ALWAYS sing along with?

My answer includes many different piece of music but right now there’s one in particular that I’ve sung for years and years.

Which piece of music is the most inspiring?

Yours may not be this one, but it makes me have hope for the world.

I also find many instrumental pieces to be inspiring of great deeds and great hope. Carl Orff’s “O Fortuna” is one I play often.

Good For You

Music isn’t just good for lifting your mood. It’s also useful in relieving stress.

Won’t you share one of your musical mood makers?

I hope you enjoyed this enough to share one of your own choices. Please let me know which question you’re answering and the name of the artist (if you know it) and the song. If you link to the video please include only one per comment so you don’t get sent to the spam folder.

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