Women Empowering Women

Women empowering women is a strong and beautiful act. How does this happen? Women lift others with their voices through song, art, dance, speech, poems, stories, and mentorship and so many other ways including small acts of kindness. Art Feminist art emerged in the 1960s. From sculpture to paintings to drawings and performances, these artists…… Continue reading Women Empowering Women

Christmas Carols For You

It’s Christmas Eve. I’m on holiday spending time with family. I hope you have an opportunity to spend time with your loved ones, too. Enjoy this small selection of some of my favorite Christmas carols. Carol of the Bells by The Piano Guys Little Drummer Boy by Pentatonix Christmas Cannon by Trans Siberian Orchestra We Wish You…… Continue reading Christmas Carols For You

Celebrating and Remembering Freedom Isn’t Free

This has been the month for celebrating and remembering freedom isn’t free. Previous posts included: “Are You Celebrating or Losing Your Liberty,” “Declarations of Truth, Honor, and Independence,” and “Underestimating the Value of Freedom.” So to bring my celebrating freedom series of posts to a close, I’ve created a short video. If you don’t have…… Continue reading Celebrating and Remembering Freedom Isn’t Free

Fun Facts and Trivia about America’s Patriotic Music

Let’s celebrate this month’s theme of Independence and Liberty and Freedom with fun facts and trivia about America’s patriotic music. Can You Name the Patriotic Song that Matches These Lyrics? 01. “Where the grapes of wrath are stored”02.”Thru the night with a light”03.”There’s pride in every American heart”04.”We fight our country’s battles”05.”The banner of the western…… Continue reading Fun Facts and Trivia about America’s Patriotic Music