Celebrating Daydreams and Heroes

The arts are so much more than mere entertainment. Whether it is a painting, a sculpture, dance, theater, a video, music, or words in a book, a poem, a song, the arts speak to us on an emotional level. The arts bring joy, inspiration, comfort us during sorry, and are often linked to cherished memories. Today’s music selections are an artistic vehicle celebrating daydreams and heroes. Won’t you join me?

Daydream Believer by The Monkeys

While this song’s lyrics don’t make a specific point, it’s about starting the day. What can it mean to a daydream believer? Start the day affirming your daydreams, be a daydream believer.

Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves

Talk about evoking an emotional response. Yeah, it’s a love song, and but if you take it in a broader sense it can be a celebration of any daydream that makes you feel alive. This song makes me want to move. Walking on sunshine feels good.

The Climb by Miley Cyrus

Another song about dreams. It reminds us that our struggle is all about trying. It’s not about how fast we get there. It’s not about what’s waiting on the other side. It’s about the climb.

Hero by Mariah Carey

The lyrics to this beautiful song reminds us all that we all feel down sometimes. All we have to do is hold on, there will be a tomorrow. And when you cast your fears aside, look inside you and be strong, a hero lies in you.

No matter its form, art reaches into our souls. Don’t forget to take time to enjoy your favorite form of art.

We can all be Daydream Believers who walk on sunshine as we climb to find the hero within. Reach for your dreams. You can do it.

If you aren’t an artist or can’t connect with this selection, read “Believe.” We are all heroes–everyday.

I hope this little interlude celebrating daydreams and heroes inspired you a bit today. It did me.

So Bad It’s Good

Some movies are so bad they just die on the screen.  There’s Golden Turkey’s awarded for the really bad movies.  But there are other movies that are so bad, it’s good. They become fan favorites.

It's a turkey but is it a golden turkey? What makes a book or movie so bad it's good?

One of my favorites is a campy horror picture that became a hit with science fiction fans: The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  (Please note: It is an R rated film, though the youtube video I’ve included here only shows the cover of the album.)

I love this campy look at science fiction and the energy that the movie inspires in its audience.

I’m certain you have your campy or bad movie favorites.  Those you think are indulgent because they’re so bad.  I’d love to hear what some of your “bad movie” favorites are.

In my experience, books are not rated the same way.  Good books seem to get good press across a wide spectrum.  But Bad books?  People disagree widely on what makes a bad book and which ones are bad books. Just read the reviews on some great literature classics, you’ll see the wide variety of responses.

If you read a bad book do you just throw it away and not think about it anymore? Do you give it a one-star review? Do you send a private message the author suggesting ways he or she would improve? If you give a one- or tw0-star review, do you explain why it’s so bad? Or do you rant and rave at the author?

As an author, I appreciate all reviews. Sometimes the review is meant to hurt the author and I can attest that they do. But if it’s a thoughtful review that points out a weakness, I am eternally grateful for that feedback.

Despite all that, there are books that are books so bad they are enjoyable. Is there a book you’ver read that’s so bad it’s good enough to re-read?  Those of you who are writers, do you keep a bad book on hand as inspiration (if this can get published, why not me)? As always, I love to read your comments and I am ever so grateful that you’ve taken time to visit my blog.

Warning! 10 Signs You’ve Pushed Too Hard

Sometimes, there is no Kaboom, no catastrophe that derails your plan. Sometimes you simply push yourself too hard, you ignore the warning signs that you’ve pushed too hard.

Maybe you’re like me and over-committed yourself to classes, a day job, writing, blogging, and other activities. Perhaps you had a sudden, unexpected health problem. Or you’ve simply gotten worn down by the day-to-day things that get under your skin. Now you barely have the energy to get through the day. Or you’ve caught the current flu bug or cold and you can’t seem to get over it. Your body and mind say ENOUGH.

I found myself in that position at the end of January. For six months I pushed myself, working 12- 15 hour days every day of the week. It was an invigorating time. I was learning new things, doing new, fascinating, and highly enjoyable things. I accomplished a ton. Then, I completed the last big project and my brain and body went WHOA. I should have paid attention to the warning signs. Do you know the warning signs that you need a break?

Warning Signs You’ve Pushed Too Hard:

  • Your Productivity Declines – you put in more hours, yet get less and less done.
  • You Don’t Have Time – for a favor, a commitment, a date with your friend or sweetheart, or even for your cherished indulgences.
  • You Forget – to eat, an appointment, where you put that report or your keys.
  • Things Are Out of Control – you’re always late; your normally neat desk is a mess; the dirty dishes are mutating in the sink; the stacks of bills or laundry (or both) are quickly becoming a mountain you can’t climb.
  • Lack of Focus or Creativity – you flit from one task to the next, never finishing and never find a solution; you struggle to come up with new ideas, solutions to problems, or how to express an idea.
  • Loss of Joy – you are beginning to dread tasks that normally you find enjoyable.
  • Sleep Issues – you can’t sleep; can’t stay asleep, or you want to do nothing but sleep.
  • Irritability – you snap at loved ones unjustly; you find yourself ‘just one more stupid driver’ short of total road rage.
  • Health Issues – you have migraines or stomach problems on a daily basis; your acne, arthritis or asthma flares more frequently.
  • Warnings from Friends and Family – you haven’t talked in weeks; your significant other tiptoes around the house afraid to disturb you; friends and family tell you that you’re always busy, or they sit you down for an ‘intervention.’

You don’t want to know how up-close and personal I know all those warning signs. Really, you don’t. 🙂

But you do want to know what you can do when you recognize the warning signs in yourself.

Warning! 10 signs you're pushed too hard, lynettemburrows.com

Five Things to Do to Beat Stress:

  • Check Your Body
    Are you fatigued despite getting 7 or 8 hours of sleep? Is your urine dark? The first sign of dehydration is fatigue. Be certain to drink plenty of water every day.
    Is your resting heart rate up? Is your blood pressure up? If yes, be certain you get more sleep and more exercise. It’s not a matter of ‘when I can fit it in,’ it’s a matter of get it done or pay a price.
    Re-prioritize – take a day to look at what you want to accomplish.
  • Look hard at your list. Are there some things that really don’t need to be done right now? Put them aside. Are there some pieces of what you do that you can outsource? Hire a laundry lady or a housekeeper; have the secretary type up those letters, or you can ask your family to help with tasks for a while.
  • Make a new plan. Break the task into smaller chunks that are more manageable. Make goals that allow you time to do the next four items on this list.
  • Schedule Fun – do something you love. Even just one hour a week can help. Take a walk, a swim, a jog. Meditate. Listen to music. Watch a movie. Read a book.
  • Take time off – An hour, a day, a week or more. Do something entirely different, at a different pace. Give yourself permission to breathe, to laugh, to do absolutely nothing.

Self Care, a learned skill

Slowing down is not something I do willingly. I tend to be a bit (DH chimes in with “majorly!”) obsessive. I throw everything I’ve got into a project. I forget to sleep, to eat, to call friends and family. This is true not just for my writing or blogging, but of attention to my day job, household chores, whatever I want to ‘get done.’ I don’t seem to know how to pace myself. But, I’m learning.

If you push yourself too hard, something has got to give. Don’t be like me and let exhaustion make it impossible to work. Yes, there are times when an extra workload is needed. Just remember to listen: Listen to your body, your mind, your friends, and your family.

To my dear readers: Thank you all so very much for your kind thoughts and wishes for me. I have belatedly followed my own advice. I’ve made new goals and going forward from here.

Your readership means more to me than you can know. And when you take the time to leave a comment or two, I am thrilled and honored you’ve chosen to spend your valuable time with me.

What about you? Have you ever pushed yourself too hard? How did you recover?