Crazy Fun Reading Goals for 2022

Yes, being stuck in a pandemic for two years sucks. During the pandemic and other personal life stressful events, my reading has ground to a halt. Reading goals? Seriously, I’d like to get through one book in less than six months. Some of you may have read more (a lot more) than usual. Some of you may be like me. Stuck. So I hoped that culling some of the crazy fun reading goals across the Net would lift me (us) out of the swamp of no reading.

Photograph of a girl outside holding a book as if to read but a blindfold covers her eyes. She may need some crazy fun reading goals

Read Only Prize-Winning Fiction

How many major literary awards are there? Let’s see. There’s the Nobel Prize for Literature, the Pulitzer Prize, the Booker Prize, the John Newberry Medal, the Edgar Awards, the Nebula Award… and I’ve barely touched the list of major awards.

While I’m certain every prize-winning book is worthy of its prize, I’m not certain they would all help us regain our pleasure in reading. Some (many?) might help us sleep better, so there’s that.

Read the Dictionary

Photograph of a young girl lying on a sofa, reading the dictionary. Would this be a crazy fun reading goal for you?

I know there are people who say they have read the dictionary cover-to-cover. How do you think they did it? Did they read it straight through A to Z or did they read a page a day or read an entry or two a day?

Do you think you could read the dictionary in a year’s time?

Read in a Different Location Every Day

If you have enough money and leisure time, this could be fun for city dwellers. If you’re a rural dweller, I suppose you might need a picnic basket and blanket and perhaps alternate methods of transportation. But it’s doable. 

You can also take this one up a notch. Make the challenge to read in a different city every day. For some, that would be a drive down the coast or certain highways. For others, it might involve a lot of travel. Are you up for it?

Read Every L. Ron Hubbard book

Mr. Hubbard holds the Guinness World record of most published works. He has a whopping 1,084 published works.

Apologies to any Hubbard fans out there, but even on my best reading day I haven’t been able to get through a single one of his books.

Read a Book From Every Country

Photograph of a woman in a hijab and a man in a cap and middle-eastern style clothes, reading with three girls in hijab in a desert setting.

This would be fun and enlightening, I think. I wonder how many countries’ books are in the average metropolitan library? There are tiny countries from which it might be difficult to buy any books. There are other countries that may not have the translation you need. Not to mention that shipping and other charges might get expensive.

But it would be fun to try, wouldn’t it?

Read Every Book on Your TBR List

I don’t know about you, but this would be a LOT of books for me. One day I will do this. Really. How about you?

Read 5 Books from Each Major Genre

To simply figure out what the major genres are will take some time. A quick Google search came up with different sites claiming there are from five to eighteen different major genres.

This might not be so crazy. Even if we decide that there are 18 different genres, that would only be ninety books for the year. Though some genres may be harder to get through than others. 

Read a Page a Day

This isn’t a goal for someone who wants to read a lot during the year. But it might be a goal for someone who’s having a hard time getting through any books. It might be a fantastic challenge for someone who reads fast. Reading a page a day may give you a better appreciation of the story.

Crazy Fun Reading Goals

Photograph of a young boy holding an open book on his lap, his head thrown back and mouth open  in a big laugh. He's got a crazy fun reading goal

Reading goals are great. For some of us, during this pandemic, reading goals are undoable. I hope that this post has helped readers struck down by pandemic, or other, reading inhibitions. It has inspired me to re-read an old favorite at a minimum of a page-a-day. Perhaps that will re-energize my reading habits. If you need inspiration for what to read next, check out my First Line Friday posts.

Do you have reading goals? Do you reach them?

What is the craziest or the most fun reading goal you’ve ever had?

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