Inspiration Never Gets Old

Inspiration Never Gets Old--a brief introduction to the Later Bloomers webite

For this week’s post, I want to introduce you to a website full of inspiration. I’m talking about by Debra Eve. Its tagline is “Creativity never gets old.” That’s true, but it’s also a site where Inspiration never gets old.

Debra calls herself a proud later bloomer and possessor of many passions. On her website, she profiles a later bloomer once a month.

According to Debra, “Being a Later Bloomer has nothing to do with being late. Like the pomegranate tree that fruits in fall, we all bloom in our own time.” The folks she profiles are sometimes famous, sometimes not. All her profiles are about people who find their creative path after 35 years of age, many were older than 50 when they found their life’s work. Her profiles include artists, athletes, explorers, and writers. And while the stories of artists and writers are among my favorites, the category near and dear to my heart is titled, “Women.”


I love her profile on Olga Kotelko, an athletic prodigy who at age 77 hired a coach then went on to set records and win medals. Olga was one determined lady!

Debra’s blog posts cover her own journey and the journeys of male later bloomers, like Robert Marchand. Marchand set the world’s first record in cycling’s over-100 category, doing 24.25 kilometers in 60 minutes.


She profiled one of my favorite authors, Madeline L’Engle among many others.

People Who Made History

Benjamin Franklin (did you know he was a later bloomer?) and the namesake of the Americas, Amerigo Vespucci are two of the historical figures she profiles.

Debra has an anthology called Later Bloomers, 35 people over the age of 35 who found their passion and purpose. It’s the first volume in the series and is available on Amazon at an affordable $2.99. Inspiration never gets old on Debra Eve's website. Here I highlight a few of the inspiring people she's profiled.

Regardless of your age, you’ll find a bit of history, a fascinating life, and a lot of inspiration at The inspiration never gets old and will keep you working for your dreams. Need more inspiration? Check out these posts: Inspiration behind the Scenes with a Female Sniper and Inspiration from War and Resistance.

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